Resisting the F-word(Part 2)

Resisting Fainting during kingdom assignments Introduction It was the last day of the school term and I felt like I barely made it! Why? Because of the learners and school duties? No! Because of the battle! This is one territory I have to pray for daily because the Lord has placed me at this school […]

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The importance of curb appeal

Introduction I was busy with a Bullet journal bible study on Colossians 1 and I had this vision of wandering through the streets with a bicycle , admiring and getting a glimpse of its qualities. This lead to the post , “To the people on Colossae”, a letter the Apostle Paul wrote to the new […]

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A Bullet Journal Bible Study

From Pit stop to Dwell Without my intention I became drawn into the books of the Apostle Paul and what I love most about his letters is the faith ,hope ,grace and love that are reflected in all his letters.In my 2021 journal(Chasing my rainbow),I started with Phillipians, found my theme and finished with Phillipians […]

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