Power Punch and Splash Poetry Quiz Collide

This ongoing series of poetry mainly focussed on women of the bible, their hardships, experiences and how they triumph through their faith and the grace of God.

It has been such a refreshing and fulfilling journey with these quiz bible studies!It is a fun way to dive into the word of God and to explore.

Power punch poem: Pull

First you feel the sand between your toes, 
then you lift your garment and feel the shallow water.
For awhile you
You play in the shallow streams
Then your eye rises,
Your perimeters expands ,
You feel the strength of the current,
Taking a hold of you,
pulling you deeper.

No resistance anymore,
And you start to see
The possibilities.

How do I choose my characters for Splash Poetry ?

I don’t. Holy Spirit points them out to me as I read or study the word or even as I read a book or article.

Do I need inspiration to write?

Of course!When Jesus left , He promised to send His followers the Holy Spirit and also assured them that they will be lead ,taught and mentored by Him in all things.

The Holy Spirit, many times without me even knowing, prompts me and inspires me to write about my struggles and experiences.Sometimes my hardships and life challenges inspires me to write and to release.

However when He, the Spirit of Truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth; for He shall not speak from Himself, but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak; and He will show you things to come.”

John 16:13

How did I come up with power punch poetry?

Spiritual warfare !

Strange enough, my Power Punch Poetry originated from prophetic words I receive from the Holy Spirit during spiritual attacks or before the attack could even begin. And the first thing I did to make sense of it, was through poetry.

Through Power Punch Poetry , I’m being motivated by the Holy Spirit:

  • not to give in to temptation
  • To power up
  • To prepare for what is ahead
  • To gain new strength as the basis of my poetry is scriptural
  • To align with the word of God
  • To find Direction

Here is another Splash Poetry Poem based on the hardship and difficult times of some well known characters from the bible.

I'm dwelling
In the corners of your presence,
Though,You are silent.

Am I being impatient?
No!For I am in distress
And I feel the breath of my enemies.

Why do You feel so far?
Answer me,O Lord.

Can you guess who it is? This poem is connected to an (1)old testament prophet and (2) a warrior.

Thank you for reading .Many blessings💗


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