Splash Poetry Quiz

Hello, everyone!Quizzes and quizzers , let’s get SPLASH dancing again.

I got up on the hills of Ephraim with Deborah and without realizing it immediately, experienced a shifting in the spirit, so I sat down in worship and enjoyed took note of the view.

So, here I am with another Quiz the Holy Spirit pointed out! I must admit , usually I write poems from my knowlegde of bible stories, but this one I had to read up more .Here we go:

From the lanes of the vine
Into the chambers of the king
Pursuing the eyes of judgment.

Amongst the flock
I had the opportunity
To observe
To defend
To mentor
And he accepted me,
Chose me above the other.

Quiz clues

She was a country girl and landed in a castle.

Let’s start of with the easy stuff! There are more coming.Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Splash Poetry Quiz

  1. I also thought of Esther. Don’t know a story which was similar except for Jacob who chose Rachel over Leah. The quiz does allude to a kingdom, so perhaps some monarchy. Was Tam’s answer correct? 😁

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      1. Shulammite sounds so similar to Shunammite that I thought you were pulling my legs for a minute. I am learning a lot with these quizzes and my bible knowledge is expanding. I did not know this one at all. Your quizzes are getting harder Chal. Tam got the answer as usual. She’s the Teacher’s Pet. ❤️😅😂😘🥰😍💖❤️

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