Weekly Power Punch

I’m way off with the timing of my power punch, but then I’m running on the timing of the I received the urge to write about Atmospheres, how it can be changed or be impacted( negatively and positive) and how it affects our lives and the operations of the marketplace.

My main focus when I write Power Punches is about my workplace.Sometimes the air is so thick,like a cooking pot of evil and negativity , spilling and getting ready to tilt and then we ran to the altar…Previously I wrote about how a prayer altar can shift the atmosphere at your workplace.

Once again a dear friend I met on blogosphere , Evidence, wrote an article that rattled the core of some of his readers.This article is about the holy communion as a tool ( and he refered to it as God’s technology) that can impact atmospheres and prepare us to stand .You can read more about his article here :Technology  of Holy Communion.And my thoughts were:

The technology of Revelation

I can only write and act upon revelation received.Mostly I receive revelation during my morning routine that consist of:

  • Getting up at 4
  • Coffee
  • Anointing myself and listening to the voice of Holy Spirit about what to engage in.
  • Bible reading and turns it into a study
  • Scriptural doodling
  • Writing scriptural declarations
  • Putting on the full armor of God
  • Writing and offering my praise and prayers
  • Other prayers

Many times after I prayed in tongues on the prayers I’ve written, words or phrases come through my eargate and as I quiet down and ponder on it…..I realize that God is speaking to me.I then write it down in my prayer journal.

Revelations can also come through discussions, listening to a sermon , reading the word of God, dreams , praying in tongues( I received revelation through speaking in tongues many times).I used to keep a little notebook with me when I pray for writing down revelation or words received in the middle of my prayers.

Let’s look into the definition

The dictionary describes it as divine knowledge from God to man, an act of revealing , an uncovering or bringing to the light.

How do we receive revelation?

1.Intimacy with Holy Spirit

Calling out to Him! Simply asking! Prayer and fasting!

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Mark 11: 24

Be specific and ask Him for revelation.Daniel did and the battle in the heavenlies could not stop this revelation!

Being in an intimate relationship with God , enables us to live in revelation and even in troubled times receive a way out through revelation.

And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.”

Psalm 50:15

Revelation is the front runner of deliverance.

Revelation becomes our possession and an inheritance to our children.

2.Staying watchful and mindful

One of the first lessons I received from the Holy Spirit eversince I started prayer journaling , was to be mindful and to take notice of little- and what may seem insignificant.

For example: One afternoon I was doodling feet linking with scripture in my first journal, Dandelion.The next day the same image came to mind and I drew another pair of feet.One Monday morning as I got ready for my morning routine, this image suddenly came to my mind ; I was reminded of scripture and the eyes of my heart perceived!Then I understood and realized that I received knowlegde that no-one could have known.

3.Placing an area under surveillance

This might just sound like: WHAT! to someone , but I’ve done it with our school, neighbourhood and even my name.

Why?I asked Holy Spirit to notify me if any of these are being attacked or if any danger is approaching.For example: The high school is just up the road in my street and so learners are constantly streaming through my street.I do monthly prayers in my seperate prayer file which means I schedule one detailed prayer over my neighboorhood and street.Oh, there was this spot in my street( a huge tree) where many boys came together before going to school to do drugs or smoking.

I noticed this one young man, who already matriculated,and I ask Holy Spirit about his intentions.Then I noticed how he started walking my street during specific times( watchfulness) and one day he appeared again with two long , thing branches strapped on his back and replied as someone asked him about it: ” These are no ordinary sticks.”And after taking this in prayer to the Lord, I received the word surveillance.

Most importantly,revelation comes by walking closely with God, walking in the spirit and in faith.The above mentioned strategies are only some of my own experiences .I have to add that I knew nothing about the topic of spiritual surveillance until this incident.As you know Africa is a country where withcraft is commonly practised , even as far as in many churches and now it’s spreading to our schools.

Revelation helped me in unfolding the plots and schemes of the enemy and helped to save my feet from the snares of my enemies.

Seeking Revelation taught me to seek God!

Tell me what you think of the idea of God’s technology!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Power Punch

  1. Nice piece! God delights in revealing deep secrets to His Children. The enemy operates in darkness and always never wants to be detected. But the Holy Spirit is our radar…Oh Yes, witchcraft is very common here in Africa. I’ve had several experiences of God’s marvelous revelations… Eg. The Spirit once revealed to me that an egg I once bought had been enchanted by the enemy… I got to know the egg seller is a witch who had an evil contract to harm me. Huh! God saved me.

    Hey! May we always pray over our food and everything we use. Amen!

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    1. Thank you….you will exactly know what I’m taking about then.They use strange but sometimes not so obvious tactics …Yes..it’s so important to pray about everything….I would not even begin with the curses they put on clothing…

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  2. This is powerful my sister.
    So for me most of the revelation I got through asking intelligent questions even from God in my prayers.
    Some of the questions we are afraid because of the doctrines which we have received which causes us to think that God can punish us by asking questions of this qe don’t understand ๐Ÿค”.
    God is waiting for us to ask Him.
    I believe there is no question that can intimidate Him .
    Great work and thank you for honoring my work.
    May God bless you for that.
    It’s rare for believers to refer to another’s work or support each other.
    You have a good heart!
    May God use you more and more!

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  3. Great and spot on about asking God questions.You know I used to think it’s sinful to ask Him challenging questions…then I think many do think that way…..And God proved to me: He does answer


  4. Hmmmm. God has indeed given you jurisdictional authority over the region where you live and teach. I have never thought about spiritual surveillance and asking God to flag up impending dangers. I generally have a sense of what is happening and God has a way of allowing people to trust me with information. Your blog points out going further with to ask God to show you. Waiters and Watchers. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพโค๏ธ

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    1. Hi Annette..I think that is why I started a series about Deborah..thank you for that direction. It’s a hard assignment but with God strengthening and guiding me it is possible. ๐Ÿ’—

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  5. I was quite struck by the concept of keeping an area under “surveillance.” Thank you for sharing this. I’ll be incorporating that “technology” into my prayer time.

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