Splash Poetry Quiz

Hello everyone! It has been quite a splashy journey for me playing with scripture and poetry.I recently thought that some members of my congregation would probably think of me as silly when I’ll tell them about my bible studies through poetry.

I’ve reached the palm tree of Deborah and got drawn into the story of how God used a woman to lead an army against the mighty Sisera.( Judges 4/5)

Evers since I started reading through the book of Judges , I noticed how the people would turn against God and He would raise a new leader again.

Quiz clue

This week’s quiz is about these patterns causing a _________________.

A deliverer would rise 
Striking down hundreds,
Thousands ; waging war.
Taking back
The city of Palms.
So easy to gorget
The mighty hand of God Cries from their own hearts,
And fell in oppression again.
Then God would turn His heart
And pour out His mercy.
Then a deliverer is born,
Far above the cries , utterances of repentance.

Have fun! Wishing everyone a great week💗.

82 thoughts on “Splash Poetry Quiz

      1. Causing a Possession?

        And [Eglon] gathered to him the men of Ammon and Amalek, and went and smote Israel, and they possessed the City of Palm Trees (Jericho). (Judg 3:13)

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