Splash Poetry Quiz

Poetry has a unique way to draw us deep into the hidden parts of scripture.It requires patience, a little more visits in the word , sometimes a late night sitting Holy Spirit and even fasting, really!It motivates us to search for meaning; in my case I find meaning in God’s word, even through poetry.

Before we dive into the quiz, let’s have fun with some Splashy Speech .


Psalm 92: 12 -14

  • The righteous will flourish like a palm tree,
  •  they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon;
  • planted in the house of the Lord,
  • they will flourish in the courts of our God.
  • They will still bear fruit in old age,
  • they will stay fresh and green, proclaiming
  • the wicked spring up like grass and all evildoers flourish,
  •  they will be destroyed forever.


Let’s go deeper.CLUES: I’m still under the palm tree with Deborah , fishing for more secrets.This time I decided to separate the poem in 3 stanzas and with a good reason.( CLUE) Oh, and I decided to highlight some crucial lines.The answer should be something received.Here we go!

On the hills of Ephraim 
She arose and created her lookout.
And as she stretched out,
her eye, her hands;
Her gaze turned from counsel
To intercession.
She stood between God and Israel,
Like a Moses and Abraham
And waited for the plan.
No longer could she bear
The deserted main road,
The failing economy
And hidden hero's.
Then God spoke!
She keeps in her position,
Instructed as received.
Aligning , all aboard!
Marching with only 10 000
And reached a final score
With a fleeing general
Lured into the tent of an ally.

Have fun! Until the reveal!!


63 thoughts on “Splash Poetry Quiz

  1. “Her gaze turned from counsel to intercession”

    The counsel was because Israel came to her for judgement. Ephraim was under bondage for 20 years, and were tired of the oppression. It was time to intercede.

    “And waited for the plan”

    It would have been foolish to make battle plans without getting instruction from the Lord. They needed God’s instruction and hand. Apparently they were in this bondage because of their evil ways, and God put them there.

    “Instructed as received”

    “…Hath not the LORD God of Israel commanded, saying, Go…” vs 6
    Deborah now understands God’s instruction. Was Barack already getting instruction from God, but was unwilling to move?
    Barack saw Deborah as the point of God’s power, but ultimately did not believe what God had said, he may have seen her as insurance, or in place of God, so God will give the glory to a woman.

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    1. I love your unravelling!”Hath not the Lord instructed…” Especially the part where Deborah asked Barak this.
      You’re so close! What do we call these battle plans?

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      1. Thanks Tammy Wammy. 😁🥰😘You ever been called that. You’re more gracious about my victory than I was of yours. I won’t call for you to be banned again as long as you don’t win the next two. 😁😂😅🤣See how my love comes with conditions.

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      2. What a mess! 🤦🏾‍♀️I don’t think I’ve been called Tammy Wammy before, but my husband likes to call me ‘Tamarabama,’ that’s a play on my full name, which is Tamarra + the southern state of Alabama. He says he found himself a ‘corn-fed’ farm girl from the South🤣 It’s all in ‘good’ fun…My husband and I are ‘spades’ partners…meaning we play cards together and ‘trash’ talk the other team at the card table all night…whether we are winning or losing. Otherwise, it’s no fun!!! 🙃

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      3. You don’t like Tammy Wammy? 😁😂My husband gives almost everyone a Nick name. Which bit is a mess, the name or the part about celebrating only if you don’t win the next two. I like Tamarabama. Your husband sounds fun and I like the trash talking over cards. I do enjoy the ‘trash talk,’ or ‘banter’ which they call it here. It does take people who are quite mature and secure and can handle taking it as they give it back. 😁

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      4. Amen! That is correct…everybody can’t handle the ‘banter,’ so then you just back off a little!! I do like Tammy Wammy…and I am much like your husband, as I am usually the one ‘passing out’ nicknames😜
        I think I like ‘banter’ much better…I will adopt that one😆

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