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Dealing with atmospheres

In my first post about atmospheres I wrote about how negative words released into the atmosphere can frustrate the plans of God for our lives and even more, become obstructions to our kingdom assignments.I decided that I will be writing about the effect of altars next and just then, the post of Evidence appeared and provoked a huge discussion.

A few years ago, Holy Spirit drew my interest to the altar of Elijah when he challenged the prophets of Baal and one specific verse opened up for me:

“Then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offering and the wood and the stones and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.” 1 Kings 18:38

Elijah petitioned the throne room and his answer fell onto the altar he restored and rebuilt.And I came to the conclusion :

  • that God answers because of an altar( prayer / relationship/ fellowship/ )
  • With gates and walls there are battles, but with altars there is a contest.
  • When altars are repaired, God releases provision , judgement,outcome,etc.

Also a few years back ,Holy Spirit prompted me to begin fellowship groups of prayer with the children at school and also a community prayer group.These altars gave birth to the souls of young children , youth , man and woman.

This time my assignment was slightly different.I started prayer journaling ;first with a book in which I prayed for all areas.Then I somehow felt that this book was not for the prayers for school and the community and I started an additional file.In these files I seperate the prayers for each month of the year .Oops, this file became loaded with all the areas I pray for and eventually I decided to begin a separate file for my workplace.

I believe that my prayer journal become a legal , written document in the courts of heaven , also an altar for God to answer me about matters regarding the school and a table for our provision and raising concerns( petitioning) .It became a place where I can run to and be alone with God .

The impact prayer altars have on the atmosphere

No matter how strong the adversity; how difficult the challenges or how long the battle might be; the drilling machine of prayer and fasting reach the other side and let fresh light come through! Relieve! My workplace is SOME battlefield!You cannot afford to be off guard for a few seconds even.Really!

Since we decided that our first school day, the first half hour, belongs to God, we experienced multiple breakthroughs in all areas.

Prayer altars shift the atmosphere.

Then there is my personal altar for my workplace where I pray for our teachers, other staff, learners ,our destiny helpers, fundraisers and other projects.Whenever I or any colleague experience resistance or accusations( any kind of attack or difficulty) I can just go to my place of prayer at school and intercede or petition.

Prayer altars become the signal for angels and angelic intervention.

Lastly , I want to mention the topic of discernment and altars.I remember the time that I , by the Holy Spirit prayed and placed my name under His surveillance…I’ve never done that before.( I do place our school under Holy Spirit and angelic surveillance though) and I started to feel uneasy about something that happened at school.

And for some reason I felt an urgency to call a meeting with the principal , governing body and some of staff, just to clear out something.I found out that someone wanted to frame me for something she was guilty off…and that’s what I’ve discerned !

Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.Matthew 10:16


21 thoughts on “Weekly Power Punch

  1. Amen. Powerful write up. I wrote an article some time ago on Repairing Our Altar of Prayer. http://devotionalinspirations.com/2020/11/03/repair-your-altar-of-prayer/. I focused on Elijah repairing the altar on Mount Carmel before fire fell on the sacrifice. We are raising up places of prayer wherever the Lord sends us and our mission in the marketplace is even more urgent than in the four walls. Amazing what you are doing in the school and your ministry to children at such a young age. Your reward in great in heaven as you store up treasures. Bless you Chalvonia. 🙏🏾💖❤️

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  2. The call on your life is beautiful, and the way that you pursue it is a gift.
    Your school and workplace will be ground zero in the attack on the enemy, and those children will be the missiles that will explode all over the enemy’s territory.
    Great work, great insight, great calling.
    God bless you Chalvonia.

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      1. First, it’s your devotion to the Lord, scripture, and your children.
        Second, it’s the influence that you have on them. When they take hold of your desire for godliness, they also will not be contained.
        God is looking for people like your to make disciples who will be a difference in their world.
        That’s the plan.

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  3. 💕Then little children were brought to Jesus, that He might put His hands on them and pray; Matt 19:13. Praise God He has put you in position to lay your hands on these little ones in prayer, and as you lead them to Jesus. It’s so important for children to be rooted in the word early and to learn that there is no love like the Love of Jesus💕

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  4. Wow this is packed but I was drawn to your 3 conclusions about repairing altars

    that God answers because of an altar( prayer / relationship/ fellowship/ )

    With gates and walls there are battles, but with altars there is a contest.

    When altars are repaired, God releases provision , judgement,outcome,etc.

    Wow this is powerful revelation I have a testimony about provision.
    You see I prophetically established an altar with this understanding and I am seeing amaizing increase in my household provisions.
    I am sure you know that I am from Zimbabwe and you know how people from this side are coming over to South Africa for greener pastures because our economy is messed up .
    In all that I am seeing provision from the altar.

    And about contest it’s true the times established it I saw some tension and stress in my marriage and finances but it was short lived because the altar of God always prevails

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      1. Sorry for late reply I was away with ministry assignment in another city so I had no time to be here.
        I am glad to share .
        I was not consistent in my prayers so after a teaching about altars by Dr Francis Myles, I took a bowel that I now put my tithe and offerings receipts( there are my symbolic offerings that are necessary for any altar) and I prayed to God and established a certain corner as a place where I will prophetically call an altar to spend time with Him.
        Now I can go there and pray and sometimes a sense that He is calling me to pray and now our household provisions have changed.
        I believe that it is the responsibility of that home altar to pay evey bill on my home💪💪💪💪 and that’s the revelation.But there is much more this is in part

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      2. Good morning 🙋‍♀️
        Yes, I thought that you might be away on ministry.

        Thank you so much for sharing…Holy Spirit also made me create a special corner where I journal and pray….and I set apart a section in my journal for recording seeds and tithes, but I did not attend to it yet….Your response shed so much light on this.thank you..greetings to your family.


      3. We share these things because we drink from the same Spirit.
        For those with big houses they actually dedicate a room as an altar for Jesus Christ.
        Thank you for the checking on my family.
        Hopefully yours is doing well?

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      4. I wish I could dedicate a room, but for now my journal and front portal works …not so private, but I’m pressing on…
        We’re doing good by the grace of our God..🤗

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