Splash Poetry : July Gallery

The Role and Purpose of a Mother/ Church


I’ve been meaning to choose Sisera’ s mother for my next quizz, but then I felt that Jael already took the front page on this issue.I also could not just jump into my next Quizz, the last one about Jael and Deborah was too rich, too much more to find out.I decided to summarize the July theme : The Role and Purpose of a mother...

Unpacking of July Splash Poetry

And when I trace my July journey on how I started with Driven where the Shunamite woman took on the journey to Elisha when her son died.That week me and my husband interceded for the church who should be desperately and faithfully praying for the things that died up or faded away.We prayed for the hope of the church to be restored , to be able to stand and press on- to fight!

When I felt an unction to write about Eve in my second Poetry Quizz,I wondered about the readers responses : Why Eve? Off course, she is being called” mother of creation.

I received the word prompt ” ARISE” and I came across Deborah. And I noticed how the following 3 three women: Deborah, Jael and Sisera’ s mother, are mentioned in Judges 5.

We do not find any evidence in Judges 4 or 5 that Deborah had any children of herself, but we find that she called herself ” a mother in Israel”.

The inhabitants of the villages ceased, they ceased in Israel, until that I Deborah arose, that I arose a mother in Israel.

Judges 4:7

and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.”

Judges 4:5

Sisera’s mother is mentioned in Judges 5 where she is worried , waiting for her son to return.

Through the window she watched,
 Sisera’s mother looked longingly through the lattice.
“Why is his chariot taking so long to come?Why are the hoofbeats of his chariot horses delayed?”

Judges 5:28

Then in the next verse the assignment of Sisera is being revealed where her assistants tried to console his mother.They knew the plan and his mother kept it in her heart, but this time something is changed.A mother in Israel arose and struck the enemy’s camp with fear and uncertainty!

I came across this website, Dr.Claud Mariottini and found a beautiful poem about Sisera’s mother written by J’O Callaghan.

 J. O’Callaghan:

The mother of Sisera looks out on high,
From the halls of her palace, for evening is nigh:
And the wine-cup is brimmed, and the bright torches burn—
And the banquet is piled, for the chieftain’s return.She cries to her maidens—
“Why comes not my son?
Is the combat not over, and the battle not won?
The steeds of Canaan are many and strong,
Why tarry the wheels of his chariot so long?”
She says in her heart—yea, her wise maidens say—
“He takes the spoil—he divides the prey—
He seizes the garment of glittering dyes,
And makes the daughters of beauty his prize!”
But Sisera’s mother shall view him no more;
With the warriors of Hazor he sleeps in his gore—
And the bear and the lion his coursers consume—
And the beak of the eagle is digging his tomb.
And the owl and the raven are flapping their wings—
And their death-song is heard in the chambers of kings:
For the sword of the Lord and of Israel lowers
Over Sisera’s palace, and Jabin’s proud towers.


Deborah received her assignment followed by divine instructions and later by heaven’s resources(pouring rain and angelic forces) to follow.Transformation happens once a kingdom assignment is accepted and heaven comes in alignment.

What drew my attention , is how the people of Israel, when they turned from their wicked ways, repented and marched up to the judge, Deborah.The people trusted the counsel of a wise judge and stirred up the rising of their deliverers.God heard their cries and instructed Deborah to act.


I believe that the people are crying out for their deliverers to wake up and to come out of hiding .The moment the people turned to God in repentance, hope sprang up for Israel.Repentance caused them to become unstuck, cleared their path and they were able to seek wise counsel.

Not to forget about the brave Jael with her sharp instinct.It is also a call to receive divine instructions,discern God’s instructions and to step out in great bravery for the Lord!

It is time for the people to come up to the palm tree.


8 thoughts on “Splash Poetry : July Gallery

  1. This is great! Mother’s arise early, late, and often. I remember that I could call my mother anytime of the day or night, to didn’t matter. She was always available for her children💕

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Yes, moms always have their children at heart. It’s her desire to pray for their protection and safety.
    Sisera’s mother knew in the depths of her heart that he was dead.
    I remember hearing that my grandmother felt the loss of her son, my dad, though she already had dementia. They didn’t want to tell her, but she knew it all the same.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This is powerful.
    I have seen that we have many female intercessors than men.
    Mothers have strong interest about their children’s welfare.
    Sometimes they can defend their children with all they have.

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