The prophetic voice and the eye of the discerner


Yes!! It was Jael in my previous quizz and as always with Tamweary of Carebiblestudy first and Evidence closely following!!Thank you for everyone who participated and those who took some time to read.

The title for this post was quite a “chop and change” .I ended up with “Opportunity in Hospitality” and I was quite sure about it , but then Holy Spirit lead me to Discernment and the partnership of the prophetic and the discerner.

I must admit!This time, when I was writing this poem,I had to read up about Jael as I knew very little about her story.I do not hear much about her in sermons as preachers or conference leaders focus on more known characters in the bible.

Although Jael was mentioned for a short moment in Judges 4 and 5 , she played a dynamic and key role in the war between the Israelites and the Cananites .But…I could not have found Jael , without bumping into Deborah first!

Remember how Deborah prophesied that Sisera would fall at the hands of a woman when Barak insisted that she, Deborah ,accompany him to the battle?

Certainly I will go with you,” said Deborah. “But because of the course you are taking, the honor will not be yours, for the Lord will deliver Sisera into the hands of a woman.”

Judges 4: 9

The sniper and the spotter

I also noticed how these two women are mentioned and connected in the same chapters , forming a partnership.Awhile ago I took a sudden interest in reading up about the sniper and the spotter.I found out amazing facts about them that can be applied to spiritual warfare, but most importantly: They form a partnership with the one spotting the target and the other hitting securely!I also find out about the amazing ability of the spotter to follow the trail of the sniper’s shot!We see this in Deborah’s prophecy about Jael and how she followed through with her victory in Judges 5.

But let’s jump into the unravelling.

When I started to break up the lines , I found the following headings:

  • Honor to an ordinary woman
  • Intervention
  • Strategy
  • Discerning the assignment
  • Action
  • Watchfulness

Honor to an ordinary woman

Jael made the headlines!From an ordinary life and suddenly appearing all over Israel as the heroin.She will always be remembered.Her story reminds me of how God is no respecter of a person(Acts 10:34) and utilize the right person for a specific assignment.

O most blessed!

May Jael be blessed above all women;
may the wife of Heber the Kenite be blessed above all tent-dwelling women.(Judges 5:24)
You were destined to step up
And intervene,
Take initiative.


God is still calling for ordinary woman to arise, to break through the boundaries of religion and culture, and to obey Him without considering the consequences.Critical times called for great initiative! There was no time asking God for a conformation or like Gideon, for signs.Many lives were at stake here and the tools at hand should be used!

Come in, sir, come in here. Don’t be afraid.” So he went with her into the tent, and she hid him under a blanket.”Judges 5:18


Once a kingdom assignment is accepted divine instructions, strategy and resources are being released and the angels are released into the battle or to assist the one with the assignment.Her strategy is the knockout blow here! Sisera would never expected this to happen with such hospitality!

This made me think: our strategy for prayer , a kingdom assignment or any situation will always be in what we have within our reach and linked with our skill and personality.( even if God should prepare us for that like He did with Gideon)


A tent stake and a hammer!!

Created for war!
You decided to arise
And open your dwelling
And provided rest.

But Jael, Heber’s wife, picked up a tent stake and a hammer. While Sisera was sound asleep from exhaustion, she tiptoed to him. She drove the stake through his head and down into the ground, and he died…”Judges 4:21

Discerning the assignment

Instead of the request 
You provided a nobility

 Sisera said to her, “Please give me a little water to drink. I’m thirsty.” So she opened a jug of milk, gave him a drink,…” Judges 4:19

Critical! The situation called for sharp and precise discernment, leaving the everyday activities and attend to the call!


And as your right hand 
Reached for war,

She drove the stake through his head and down into the ground, and he died.” Judges 4:21

And handed over the enemy's head.

Barak arrived after chasing Sisera. Jael went out to meet him and said, “Come and I’ll show you the man you’re after.”Judges 4:22


Being mindful or watchful plays a significant role in recognizing a kingdom assignment.Sisera’s assignment was to kill , plunder and destroy the lives of young woman.

But instead, he fell at the hand of a woman.How ironic!

The assignment of Sisera was revealed in Judges 5 in Deborah’ s song.

Are they not finding and dividing the spoils:a woman or two for each man,colorful garments as plunder for Sisera,colorful garments embroidered,highly embroidered garments for my neck—all this as plunder?

Judges 5:30


Stand at the entrance to the tent.

Judges 4:20

Look out
For the enemy's approaching!

Meanwhile, Sisera had fled on foot to the tent of Jael, …”Judges 4:17

Deborah and Jael stood up during a time where there was no time to waver, wondering if they had understood instructions , because they understood God’s times and seasons.

The leaders of Issachar came along with Deborah;

Judges 5:15

This war was won because of people who understood the times of God, discerning when they should act and how they supported each other during the battle.

Some lessons I learned

  • Sometimes God would call us out of the normal for a while.
  • Be watchful
  • Never get to caught up in life
  • Expect the enemy to approach your door
  • Discern your assignment
  • A threat to the kingdom of God must be eliminated.

Thank you for sharing my experience and for appreciating. Until my next Quizz!


83 thoughts on “The prophetic voice and the eye of the discerner

  1. That Jael is a Baaad Girl! As they used to say. This girl opened the door and offered hospitality to the Commanding General of the opposing army, then she sat intently, listening, watching, and waiting for the Holy Spirit to lead her and guide her hands, as she delivered that final crushing blow. When the men in the land were spiritually ‘clocked out,’ Deborah and Jael clocked in and took watch over the Land!! Praise The Lord! Thanks for the much anticipated reveal, Chalvonia😘

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  2. This is beautiful Chalvonia. I like your revelation about the Spotter and the Sniper. Never considered this but it makes so much sense in terms of the prophetic gift and moving with accuracy and precision. One person sees and another executes and how important to move in the spirit. She was called for such a time as this and Deborah saw the vision and she executed. What a brave and noble woman! Women have arisen all over the bible in unexpected ways to save the day. Ask Rahab! Bless you. 🙏🏾❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Indeed….think about Esther! Her story reminds me of Jael’s with a slightly different plot, But also with an antagonist going out for the lives of God’s people.
      About the sniper and spotter….after I read about tgem, my daughter received a dream about me holding a snipers rifle shooting at a black dog on a leash….

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  3. Amen!!
    These women stand out as towers of strength.
    I like to say that a woman can be stronger than a man pound for pound.
    That she is considered the weaker vessel makes no difference. Women were important to the ministry of Christ, they found much opportunity to bring the Kingdom forward, and today they still shine Christ.
    Great observation! Thank you.

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      1. Italians do a lot of pizza and pastas. That’s the base and tomato sauce for their pasta. I was thinking yesterday that they’re tomato sauce is quite similar to Ghana and Nigeria. Lots of bread, tomatoes, olives, cheeses and cream sauces. Meat and poultry, plenty sea food and mince. Google Frank.

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