Splash Poetry Quiz

A warm greeting to you all!Thank you for taking an interest in reading and taking part in these poetry quizzes.We’re on the easy level one mode , so it’s fairly easy! I think .

Writing poetry is a way of self exploration and a way of looking into the depth of hearts.We can relate our own situations or those around us and the most important about it is that the word of God always offers an outcome.

For those who are well-known with the stories of the bible, these poems are ABC…very easy.But Holy Spirit prompts my eye to look into the experiences of people , how they persevered and kept the faith.

The next poem is actually inspired by a WordPress blogger (again) that I will also reveal later.


With shoes of desperation 
I took the road of faith
I never counted my steps,
Nor did I feel the aches;
My eyes were fixed
And my mind set
For I reject the loss?
How can I receive
And then ...?

But instead of my despair
I am holding my banner of hope ,
And my confession :
It is well!

Quiz clues

  • Female
  • Road
  • Loss
  • It is well

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Splash Poetry Quiz

      1. Awww…I am glad!! If the trivia questions inspire a deeper delve into the Bible, then I am ecstatic!! The Bible can be great reading, as well as life changing💕

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  1. My first thought was Abram, then I learnt female, so I thought Sarah because of the journey they took travelling away from their home. But Tam’s answer seems more likely to be the answer as the Shunammite woman did say, ‘it is well,’ when Elijah sent his servant to ask about her and family. I personally think you and Tam should be banned from entering any more quiz competition. 😁🤣😂The teachers are always going to be ahead of the students.

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    1. 😂😂I also think Tam must be banned now!! Seems like those children in my class who always my class up with the right answer while others are still preparing to answer!
      And yes….it’s that last line” It is well” that should give more direction….Thank you…I had such a good laugh🤣

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