Splash Poetry Quiz

Hello, lovers and appreciators of kingdom poetry !I just love how Holy Spirit draws different people into reading and commenting.

I’ve learned that through kingdom poetry I started to know my identity in the Lord and found some direction and purpose.I also realized that to create poetry quizzes ,one has to have a deeper relationship with Holy Spirit and a rooted knowlegde and biblical background.


My last quiz was about Hagar, the slave of Abraham and Sarah and how God’s eye followed her into the dessert , provided a well for her in the wilderness and became known to her as “the God who sees.”Still, in the wilderness ,she did not missed God’s radar!

In the midst of a wilderness situation , she received nourishment, comfort , counsel and direction.

Here is today’s Quiz!

Title : Surrounded

"Against the law" they shouted.
Dragging their victim
In the circle of their words.

Awaiting His response,
In reply of their judgement.
No escape, for it is written!

But Grace stood up
And spoke on her behalf!
silenced every voice.

The cage of their words
Is shattered....one by one the link of conspiracy broke!

And left you alone with Mercy,
And the testimony written in the dust.

Some clues!

  • Firstly, the title
  • Female
  • Story in New testament
  • Dust

Have fun!


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