Splash Poetry Quizz

Hello everyone in my radar😘.By now you know that I’m into poetry and in love with my creator.Do you remember how we used to write poems when we were children or teens!We wrote about silly things , our feelings and love!Even adults write or read poems to the ones they love or when they want to caught someone’s attention.

Poetry reminds me of those moments when you express private and deep emotions and then jot it down on paper.You hold on to it , even though you might not give it to that person.You treasure it , until one day…it’s time to step into the reality of praising your Maker.

But now I’ve turned my poetry into quizzes.How amazing!I think😁,because it adds to the fun element in my relationship with God.Holy Spirit just loves to have fun and when we are being creative.It is exciting!

My very first Quizz poem:Answer

The little boy with the 2 fishes and the five loaves of bread.

Scripture : John 6:9/ Luke 9:10-17/Mark 6:30

Thank you Tamweary for taking time to engage into my poetry Quizz and yes- you were right!

When I came across her blog , CareBibleStudy,she inspired me so much with her bible trivia questions about God’s word.I think this could be what activated my poetry quizzes!


Quizz Question: Who is she?

With a desperate step 
She found her way,
With all that is left in her hand;
To a place where she was rejected and demised,
But when her hand reached for the basket,
She caught the Master's eye.
I guess she did not even knows HE was taking note,
But then He spoke.
Yes, her joy can well up in her again,
Because He is the God who sees.

Quizz Clues

Prayer art

From my prayer journal

10 thoughts on “Splash Poetry Quizz

    1. And a widow who was poverty-stricken came and put in two copper mites [the smallest of coins], which together make  17half of a cent. (Mk 12:42) This ‘faith-full’ woman’s offering caught Jesus’ eye as she put in everything she had, out of the depth of her poverty. This is a good one. I love it💕

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh Wow!! I am indeed awed by your words and blessed by your favor!! Thank You and Let’s continue to unify and support the body of Christ together!! 🙏🏾

        Liked by 2 people

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