The sound of the feet of multitudes

Splash Prophetic Poetry

The silence is broken
I tilt my head
And kept my breath
As the sound of many feet
Arouse in the atmosphere of worship.
I see the feet,
Feet of the multitudes
Driven by desperation and hope.

Author's note:

The above poem stemmed from one of my morning routines as I prayed for the body of Christ.Mostly, my prayers sounds like poetry; especially when I write in my prayer journal.

Sometimes prayer is like art.It reminds me of the Psalms of David , but then- the WORD of God reflects poetic utterances in several books.

Splash Poetry Quizz

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Quizz Clues

1. Would likely be appealing to the younger generation.

2.Setting: happened in a remote area

3.A great lesson for the disciples


Mixed media: Prayer and Poetry


15 thoughts on “The sound of the feet of multitudes

    1. Thank you for appreciating. I started with it since lockdown.It is a great tool for advancing your prayer life and to build a Deeper relationship with God.
      Have a blessed week🌸


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