The power to endure with joy

Prayer Journal and Creative Bible Study Templates

A visual learner’s treat!

My first Bible study treasure was the Visual Bible study method. Who would imagine that such a playful method can take you to the depths of God’s word, but that’s what makes it so adventurous:the playfulness and finding treasures in places least expected.

I guess one can just jot down a date, or a Bible verse and fill the rest of the page with notes or prayer. Nothing wrong with it, but this template does not fit my journaling style. I’m into detail, love to create sections on my page, and fill my borders with footprints or any other doodle.

The Holy Spirit took me deeper by explaining to me the steps of a visual Bible study and the stages of a visual study.

Prayer- and bible study templates are so easy to design, but visual study templates need to be carefully and well planned for the hidden messages to unfold.

A single verse from a chapter can also be used for a visual study. Underneath is an example of a visual verse study about Colossians 1:10. A visual study template should make provision for doodles , research comments, and revelation notes.Research is important in both visual-and bullet bible studies, but slightly more in depth in a visual study.

Things to look up in a visual study:

  • Dates
  • The meaning of names
  • The origin of places and the meaning of its names
  • Beginning words
  • The use of titles
  • Time of events
  • Traditions,etc.

An example of a Visual (verse) bible study

Then I found a bullet journal Bible study! And I wondered about the differences and similarities between these study methods.

Templates for a bullet journal Bible study is easier to design, but a visual bible study can take on different styles.

If you’re interested in study templates for both to try it out for yourselves,to introduce it to youth or Sunday school or to draw your own children into studying the word of God,you can find it here.

Free Colossians Prayer Template

The Colossians Theme:

Let’s shine some more light on the issue of templates.

Prophetic prayer journaling is about dates, words with key verses,drawings, different kinds of prayer, declarations , fasting and revelation.When directed by Holy Spirit it creates a flow in studies or prayer and makes you to become an active partner.

It also serves as an altar where Holy Spirit notifies or prompt me about my kingdom assigment, counsels and teach me.

Prayer templates is an effective tool for those who want to improve their prayer life.One great benefit of prayer templates is that it strengthens the individual’s prayer -and trust relationship with God.

Passing through a town only gives had a glimpse of its buildings,people, culture and lifestyle.Staying awhile, however , change the picture.With visual – and bullet journal you get to know the people business! It makes you nosy!

I hope that you find this helpful to try it out for yourself or to add to discipling the young ones.


12 thoughts on “The power to endure with joy

    1. 😁😁It can be quite confusing, but when you sit down and break it up under Holy Spirit guidance you would be amaze!! But on the other hand , not every one’s style is visual learning.


  1. I love the invitational word picture your conclusion paints- “Passing through a town only gives had a glimpse of its buildings, people, culture and lifestyle. Staying awhile, however , change the picture. With visual – and bullet journal you get to know the people business! It makes you nosy!” It shows the importance of staying a while in a particular passage, the connections made, and the joy of all that is gleaned in the time spent there. Happy Easter!

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