Power Punch Poetry

Wandering through the streets of Colossae

Power Punch Poetry


I'm wondering on my bicycle
Through the streets of Colossae
Collecting the letters,
strength and peace
Of the words written,
Written by Your servant
Whilst in the confinement of Your grace.
I ponder upon the idea
Why such kindness
Was birth in such a setting.
I wonder about his loneliness
But then,
His thoughts were already been captured,
urgent to be with his Maker.
And I wonder...

Oh, Colossae,
I notice the color of your streets,
And the markings on your pavement,
I read the street names,
Grace, Peace, Faithful...

In awe, I see your hands
Faithfully plowing
Breaking up fallow ground.

I'm staying a while
in the presence of grace,
Collecting messages
to deliver,
To treasure.

Note from the author:

Just when I’m busy writing a blog post, a sudden pop-up of power-punch poetry appears and demands my attention.

I’m currently working through the book of Colossians and I realize that I need to spend time in the streets and corners of this book. There are valuable billboards on the outside.

Coming soon:

The curb appeal of the Colossian church


9 thoughts on “Power Punch Poetry

    1. It was such a sudden pop up while I was busy with another post about my Colossians 1 Bible study .It is flowing out of the Collosians billboards I wrote about.


      1. It’s very creatively crafted.
        And it shows a deep meditation on the scriptures involved.
        I wanted to check if it was purely creativity or it was a reflection of testimonies from Colossians.
        Your skills are actually improving as I follow through your work, I am seeing growth.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you…words like “wandering” and ” bicyle” shows my pace and a deep meditation indeed..I’m so drawn into the ministry of the Apostle Paul.and it also reflects my deep concern about the church.


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