March Prayer Journal and Blog Review

The power to endure with joy

Starting a new month means entering a new door and this door is a priority. I am very much aware of gates this year and each day, week, or month I possess my gates and secure them with prayer. The previous year I started each month with a monthly prayer, but this year I decided to pave my month with scriptural declarations.

This was also a month I was introduced to the negative F words and the first F- awareness I experienced was failure.Fainting was so overwhelming that it tried to bully me of the race.

Why did I experience such strong opposition?

I’m in a season of stretching where I have to endure on behalf of the kingdom of God and due to the assignment He has given me, but the joy of the Lord makes it possible for me to press on.

Some of the territories that the Lord assigned me to require careful discernment, watchfulness, and persistent prayer. I’ve never spoken about it before on my blog, but the Lord has made me aware of the satanic – and witchcraft activities taking place and opened my spiritual eyes to identify the patterns they operate in.

Power Punch Poetry


I stood at your gates
Waiting for instruction
For my ears to receive
And my eyes perceive

The mysteries inside
The corners of your walls
Leaning on the ramparts
Moving by a divine glimpse

Every morning I rise
As I defend the rays of the sun over my day
Every time I'm surprise
By the measure of grace.

Power Punch Prophetic training started with mental health – and power punch poetry.

Prophetic words


I usually starts my month with a prophetic theme , but not just anything I like or feel like; or not anything I saw on Pinterest or anywhere else.

March 2022 Homepage

Plowing means:

  • To break up fallow ground
  • to break up your hearts
  • to prepare your minds
  • to bring forth fruit unto God.

I received the word, plow, when busy with my March 2022 homepage, wrote it down, looked for a picture to draw, followed by scripture that connected to my mind and spirit.

Now, look at these two pages. The first one is the homepage of my 2021 journal and the second one for March 2022. I noticed the theme is relative but the tools are way different!

Let’s take a look at the tools

When we look at the March 2021 tools it reflects garden equipment.

This year’s March homepage reflects a plow. A plow is connected to territory and is used for plowing a larger piece of land, which can only mean one thing:

Your territory has increased or enlarged.

What else does plowing imply

  • It is a trusted method
  • Protecting yourself against the sun
  • Can be a lonesome experience
  • plowing is done at the end of the harvesting process
  • Get rid of weeds and old residue
  • Softening the soil
  • Preparing the soil for the next crop
  • Working at different depths
  • It improves drainage and softness of the ground
  • Working on the fields


The second word I received was portal. While I’m still waiting on the full revelation of this prophetic clue, I am making an enquire to Holy Spirit for the next clue or unravelling.

Psalm 78:23

Yet he gave a command to the skies above and opened the doors of the heavens…”

A heavenly portal is a way through which God offers divine protection and by which, angels and heavenly beings can come and go without demonic interference. 

After the encounter with his brother, Esau, Jacob ran away and came to this place where he stopped to rest and laid down with his head on a stone.

He had a dream in which he saw a stairway resting on the earth, with its top reaching to heaven, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.

Genesis 28:12

A visual learner’s tool

I am a visual learner and I’ve been asking Holy Spirit for a suitable way to memorize scriptures and I found a mnemonic!

A mnemonic is used as a technique to assist memory and is an ideal technique for visual learners to memorize Bible verses.

Now, look what I found!

Theme: Prepare 2021 (Mnemonic)

This is the first mnemonic I’ve made during my 2021 “Chasing my rainbow’ journal with the theme Prepare, also in March!

Theme:Provision 2022

Without realizing this I created a second mnemonic “Provision” also in March this year.

Final thoughts

Failing is inevitable, but God’s grace is more than enough to enable us to press on. Elisha left his physical plow in exchange for a spiritual plow.

Whenever God needs a plowman or a spokesperson; surely He will not send us empty-handed.

Matthew 10:29

God will give you the right words at the right time

Are we willing to exchange tools with God?


10 thoughts on “March Prayer Journal and Blog Review

  1. Thank you for this definition…A heavenly portal is a way through which God offers divine protection and by which, angels and heavenly beings can come and go without demonic interference.Β 

    I didnt know that dimension of this understanding

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am still waiting for the next piece of revelation on this. I know there is more to find out about this. God wants us to know more.
      A blessed week to you and your loved ones🌻


  2. Love this! Plowing is like pushing through the walls we have up. We work to bring them down to grab hold of God. God Bless.

    Liked by 1 person

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