Power Punch Poetry

The dark alley of failure

Can't make out the shadow

Even the ones behind,
Following me on a distance
Suddenly creeping up,
Pulling up billboards of failure.

Pulling me into a corner
Ending up questioning myself,
Did not know about my helpers
Let alone enquiring their help.

I hear the sounds of traffic
Up and down on the main road
distant in my ears,

I wonder what life is like
Traveling on the main road,
While my gaze turns grey,
I'm thinking of a way,
A Way out of the grey,
Searching and longing
For the light of freedom.

A traveler for so long,
Or so I felt,

But I broke my silence
With a leap, a shout
And a morning and evening warcry!
Realizing that my help does not come from the main road,
But from above!

The Lord is my Helper and
eagerly reacts to my cry.
Although they tried to silence me,
I kept pressing on,
Prolonging the frequency of my battle cry!

An appearance of light
Brightens up my gaze
Watching, and awareness
Of the new voice behind,
Announcing the way to go.
I'm depending on a new voice

I'm stepping into grace...

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