Saturday Collection of gratitude


I woke up every morning
And wandered off
To our secret place
And I can still see
The footprints of yesterday
I reminisce...tug away my collection...
Then we create something new.


Felt like the walls
Are four strong armies
Surrounding me...
Watching me from a distance
Waiting for my silence
For them to successful invasion.

Then I remember Elisha
Surrounded by the armies
And the enemy declared:

“I will set up my camp in such and such a place"

I broke through the atmosphere...
The presence of the enemy stirred around me,
Retreat! Retreat!
They must respect the roar!

And I roar
I have nothing else,
But I can roar.
I raise my heart, my eyes, 
my hands to release my praise and deepest gratitude
I've made it
Through every battle line
Or Red sea of my week!
I can see my promised land!

8 thoughts on “Saturday Collection of gratitude

    1. Yes….its freshly baked and prophetic direction…it tells me in which direction the wind blows and where the rain will be coming from🏵


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