Saturday Praise Poetry

Gazing at the faithfulness
Of Him who directed me
Throughout another week,
I am filled
With songs of deliverance!

With my coat of deliverance
And my shoes of victory
I fix my eyes on steadfast love
Waiting for the sound of His command
To raise my feet
Climbing the ladder of my promotion,
For I have been selected
For the head portion
A double portion
Set aside for my King's glory.

Yes! I've been elected
Chosen to be part
Of the cabinet of truth.
My campaign is out
Set upon true promises.

Who can do these things?
Creator of mankind,
Of the heavens and earth.

You are God!

Synonyms for elected

Author’s note

Saturday’s are my only chance to rest a little bit longer but at the sound of the alarm, I have to wake up and attend to the counsel of the Holy Spirit. Before 5 am this morning I woke up hearing a knock( usually the way Holy Spirit wakes me ) still sleepy . I ask Him to prompt me if this is urgent and lie a little bit longer.

Mostly Saturday – or Sunday mornings, I am being invited by Holy Spirit to enter the presence of God. Right through the week( mostly), I am the initiator – choosing to come into His presence.

This morning as I woke up I engaged in scripture about the cover of the Lord, writing it down in my prayer journal, and was lured into poetry.

I found the word :


You never know where you will pick up the hidden treasures!


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