Power Punch Series: Launch

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Daily renewal of the mind

Starting the new year !Need a jump start?Well, I thought mind renewal would be the ideal spiritual – and mental activity to get started amongst other activities.

I’ve decided to write a series about it and go on this journey myself .

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.Colossians 3:2

What do I mean with power punches?

This idea was birth during the “Chasing my rainbow 2021″ season when I did the Resistance training.

I also started a new journaling season called Joy and one of my sections is Praise. During the Christmas holidays, I had to spend time with my family, so I worked mostly in this section of my Joy Journal. During these early mornings at the beach, I picked these beautiful pebbles ( ideas) in my journaling sessions.

Working in this section allowed me to spend time with family and enough time to journal. Prayer Journaling sometimes (mostly) takes time because the Holy Spirit is very thorough and there is so much to find in just one passage or even only a single verse.

Entry from my praise section

The power punch series will include the following:

I wrote the above poem during a time I had to choose things to go their way in our congregation and life, coming and going – an open gate for the enemy; or pulling up my sleeves and resisting, punch back. I was done with defeat because the word of God says ” I am more than a conqueror.”I realized that my prayer punches are too weak!

But before God could initiate change in the situation or others, He started the change in me!

I’m so excited to begin this journey, especially about the process and transformation. The process is not always easy, but it teaches us how to wait and also endurance.

Are you receiving a timely breakthrough?

To receive the things that God has in store for us, we need to be kingdom-minded. Sometimes we have to fight for it through prayer and fasting or become desperately in prayer. We have to outgrow the old nature. I know it’s an ongoing process, but we strive to be more like Christ. We need to change our thinking!

Despite the heavy punches of the adversary, we need to recover our balance, focus, gain back our rhythm and punch back with power punches from the word of God. And declare our victory in Christ!

More than conquerors!

I have also learned from my health coach that core exercises are very important! Our core is the part around our trunk and this is also the area where we gird our loins with truth. The truth is the word of God is what keeps us grounded and strong.


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