5 Ways to journal during holidays

Holidays are special times to spend more time with loved ones and extended family, but still not lose the direction that God has positioned you throughout the year. Sometimes we tend to get stuck or distracted by the buzz of holidays and family members.Another important aspect is that nothing must take first place in our lives even during holidays.

It has been an exhausting year for me and my loved ones due to work, spiritual warfare, and spiritual growth, but also a most stimulating and developmental time. Depending on our lifestyles, we sometimes tend to neglect family, not intentionally; but because of work pressure, fighting emotional- and spiritual battles.I am writing about this because I love to spend time in my journal office( 😁),but I’m still on vacation with my loved ones and bonding and orientation 2022 needs attention.

Prayer journaling is all about strengthening our relationship with God, staying focused, developing our prayer muscles and enjoyment. For me, it is also a tool that the Holy Spirit uses to train me in the ways of God, to discern His voice amongst the many other voices, and to be more mindful. Here are a few ideas to spend time with family and still include time for journaling.

1. Poetic praise

Poetic praise prayers are compact but powerful. It still requires getting up a little earlier than the rest to spend time in orientation and reflection. Poetic praise connects us with God through the intense intimacy of worship.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels

I love to write praise poems to worship God.Its part of how we worship and it all happens on that moment; the words start to flow from the fountain of our hearts.It can be done while driving, sitting around the campfire or while making a cup of tea.

Here are a few examples of my praise poems

A collection of lyrical utterances


Counsel unwanted

Classroom pebbles

Poetic praise
Literary insights 

2. Short diary entries

Journaling is very thorough and sometimes it takes more time for the Holy Spirit to reveal the hidden things and help us understand spiritual things.During holidays short diary entries helps us to stay on track and not to loose direction, but still allow us to spend more time with family.Short diary entries are reflective and compact.

What does these entries include?

  • Counsel during or after a busy day or challenging situation.
  • Reflection and introspection
  • Straight talk!Telling God about your struggles ,failure, successes and thanking Him for the process of growth.

3. Unfinished projects

Holidays are the ideal time to finish that unfinished project .What projects? Journal projects off course!Busy and working moms like me do not always get done in time, but what’s with the rush? No stress, get it done during the weekends or save it for holidays!But we do finish what we started!

What are journaling projects?

  • Finishing the design of a section of your journal
  • Putting on missing tabs
  • Unfinished scriptural art or visual bible studies
  • Prepare and design the layout of prayer templates or other sections in journal.
  • Design and make diy dividers for your prayer binder

4.Scriptural art or Doodling

Scriptural art is not just about choosing a scripture and combining it with art effects, but it requires quiet reading of a passage of the word and reflection afterwards.Scriptural art also allows meditation and deep penetration of the Word of God .While engaging in scriptural art we are soaking and meditating on His word.It might look like a less important activity, but it has a sponging effect and helps us to memorize scripture better.

5.Bullet journal bible studies

I was looking for a way to incorporate bullet jounaling with my quiet times with God and especially in studying the word of God.I started to design a outline and I`M STILL WORKING ON IT ,but what makes it ideal to use during holidays is the fact that I make use of the SOAP or SOAK METHOD which allows me to work in sections.I recently wrote about the first stage in bullet journal : Observation.


Prayer is a lifestyle, an integral part of our lives and secure our lives with a balanced scale.Family on the other hand is one of the aspects God values very much.I wrote about this topic because it was and still is, something that I had to deal with.

The importance and impact of good habits and the effect on one’s life made me realize to keep practicing good habits for it to become a norm.I believe there are more timesaving journal activities to practise , but these are the ones that I include during my holiday to spend more time with my loved ones.

My best wishes to you for 2022.

Keep pressing on…


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