November Prayer Journal Review

Everyone’s excited for the holidays to arrive and to some, it’s already a time to be on the rollercoaster of pleasure. Basically, everyone is preparing to receive guests,  be a guest somewhere else, or prepare a getaway. No problem with pleasure though, but for those who are seeking God, discipline takes on a higher priority in our lives.

In this post, I share my most valuable seeking, knocking, and asking experiences through prayer journaling with those who long for a groundbreaking prayer life and intimate fellowship with God.No religious routes included!

Raise an army over your month with declarations!

Shape your month with God’s word. What you desire, you declare!

1.November is a month of :

“Jesus answered and said to him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

John 3:3

1.1Value of the month

This is a first!

For the first time since I started journaling my prayers I decided….no, rather was prompted by the Holy Spirit to design the word:HOPE in my journal as a biblical value.

And did the Holy Spirit know why! So many times this month I wanted to quit :

  • On the people who disappoint me
  • On activities, I did not see concrete progress
  • Even on Prayer journaling
  • Blogging

But God gave me a reason to press on. By adding values to my journal, the character of my journal got strengthened. I love this newfound present!

1.2 Completing unfinished jobs

There is always a task or two I did not get to finish. My unfinished task for this month was the visual bible study of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well.

Sometimes the fatigue of intercession and other duties can weigh us down, but I still experience the urge to finish. Every activity in my prayer journal or binder is a sub assignment.

1.3 Prayer strategy of the month

Every month needs to have a certain prayer strategy and the Holy Spirit has a way of giving us this precious insight. But I still have to follow the biblical law of” ask and you shall receive.”( Matthew 7:7.)

Following the biblical rule of asking brings me into a dependant and submissive relationship with God.

I usually begin my journal with a month’s announcement and a monthly prayer, but this month was different. I engaged with God in prayer(seeking, asking) for my monthly prayer and watching schedule and was led into repentance followed by a prayer of activation. This month my monthly prayer, which serves as possessing the gate of my month, follows followed after the prayer of activation.

1.4 Writing petitions and other prayers in War binder

My war binder is an important extension of my prayer journal.

Crucial activities:

  • Possessing the gate of my family’s month, our congregation, our neighborhood, and our school.
  • Other prayers for individuals
  • Repentance
  • Evaluating through tracking prayer progress


After all, it is an appointed time to give thanks unto God for His great mercy and love. Through difficult – or challenging situations, a devoted prayer warrior will always receive the resources, skills, and strategy to combat the heavy onslaught.

I hope you found the hidden treasure hidden by Holy Spirit in this post! I wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving


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