The significance and benefits of handwritten journals

Whether people experience happiness, difficult times, or new opportunities, many decide to start journaling. Journals become a place where they can speak out, be inspired, find self-acceptance, direction, and motivation. Like many others, I got activated in journaling, specifically prayer journaling, during the beginning of Covid 19.

What is the difference between starting and being activated?

Before this, I did some kind of journaling, but was far from dedicated and consistent! I prayed, but mostly what was on my agenda. I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to start journaling. How did I know this? I had a strong urge that just did not go away. It grew stronger daily and I could not resist it. Eversince then, when I accepted this assignment, I started a tremendous journey of prayer, a deeper relationship with God, and revelation.

I’ve never tried electronic journals, maybe too old-fashioned! Some day maybe, but I feel more content with my handwritten journals. When I received journaling as a kingdom assignment, it was like a kid with a brand new toy! I carried it with me to my workplace and it lit the interest of learners who also started to journal for the first time. It was not any of my intentions, but somehow they were drawn to it and got activated!

There are different assignments and anointing attached to prayer journaling.

In this article, I will be speaking specifically about prayer journaling, although some of these benefits might apply to any other style of journaling.

Although there are many more benefits of journaling to write about, I choose to write about the following aspects that I experienced strongly and had a revelation about during journaling.

1.Writing by hand

  • Writing by hand improves your memory.
  • It relieves stress, depression, and anxiety.
  • Writing by hand improves your learning comprehension.
  • Writing by hand improves your prioritization skills.
  • Writing by hand also inspires the visual learner.

2.Crafting and creativity in journaling

In prayer journaling, crafting and creativity become prophetic weapons, therefore those who are into prayer journaling or visual learners must be very mindful when engaging in journaling.

Fact is, when you sit down with your journal, you are not alone! The Spirit of God, our Teacher, and Helper guide us the way we should go. The Greek word for Holy Spirit is Parakletoswhich means one who is called to one’s side, especially to help.

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.

John 14:26

2.1Examples of crafting and creativity from my journal.

  • Doodling

As a beginner, I started with doodles and it developed into scriptural art. So, one Saturday evening, I sat down and began writing my prayer, but somehow I experienced resistance and was drawn into doodling feet. Early the next morning I had the same experienced and as I was waiting at the kettle side when suddenly the feet doodle came to my mind and ” the shoes of the gospel of peace.”And I realize what the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me: It was an attack on my spiritual walk, my willingness. These are amazing moments of deliverance because once you receive revelation you immediately experience relief, but it must be followed by prayer.

  • Prophetic drawings

Sometimes in drawings, we will receive exact instructions on how to draw and even measurements! Just obey!


The 3 levels of acceleration

3.Daily Motivation to come into God’s presence

Since I started journaling my prayers, bullet journal bible studies, visual studies, scripture doodling and so much more I cannot remember a morning skipping coming into God’s presence. It’s exciting! Even when there are mornings or days I feel a little down, going through my journal motivates me to press on.

4. It serves as evidence in the courts of heaven

Although this is something to write as a separate article, I needed to mention it here. During my first journal both me and my daughter had a revelation that our journals display a spectrum of colors because it is activated prayer and a prophetic weapon. When in spiritual warfare or presenting your case in the courts of heaven, your prayer journal can be used as a legal document.

5. Getting hands-on

A handwritten journal takes us out of our comfort zone or passivity. So many times I had been instructed to do something physical first, followed by a journal activity before the revelation breaks forth.

It allows us to spend more time with God, not just prayer but spending quality time writing worship poetry.


As my relationship with God grew I learned to trust Him more and to obey.Even though I do not know why I still choose to submit.

I believe there are still so much more reasons why a handwritten journal is still relevant and significant today, but these are my experiences thus far…an amazing journey it is!


5 thoughts on “The significance and benefits of handwritten journals

  1. Enjoyed your post. I agree that wiring by hand provides huge benefits. In Bible study, I seem to better discover the details when I hand write the passage as opposed to copy from a source like Logos 9. Thanks for your post.

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