Prophetic lyrical series:

On the move:More than a thousand miles

Felt like I've been running
A thousand miles
Paced consistently
Without self took rest...
I've been sipping my water
On the go with my eyes fixed ears attentive...

I've found that
I do not grow weary,
I did not faint...
Instead, I mount up...
Suddenly, unexpected...
A turn...a leap...

Even on the rocky surface
My feet are directed,
To choose a firm grip
Without hesitancy,
I am moving forward...
I am pressing on!


I don't think I can feel
The aches in my legs anymore
Nor can I describe the beat
Of my drumming heart
Playing a new rhythm.

I can not describe the silhouette of my vision
All I know is that its set
At a price already won
Of a race already ran.

As I am in the middle
My left and right lane
Councils each other
And only one transforms.


In training
Yet I'm running
To take hold of the prize

Quite challenging though,
To listen and concentrate
While paving my way
And pacing even rhythms,
But then I hear a voice
Coming from behind:
This way!
I am at rest, though weary
I gain new capacity.
Who would have thought
That words can bring strength!

No! Do not generalize,
For these words are not human, for it can't fail.
Never disappoint! I've experienced myself!
Unfailing love during my race!
Fractions of poetry: Counsel

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