Evaluation of gratitude

Self-evaluation has been a great help since I started to seek growth and progress in my spiritual life or rather in my relationship with God. Before I even started prayer journaling, I did an honest evaluation of certain areas of my spiritual life.

After a self-evaluation, you will immediately discern the areas where you need to improve or to work on. In my case, I needed to start identifying and eliminating bad habits. If you’re interested in reading it, you can find it here👇

How to break bad habits

Honest Self-evaluation is a little like walking with a torch in the dark places of your life until you find the switch, evaluate and come up with a plan. It changes the way you reason, think, believe and act. It brings you to a place where you can put the pieces of your life together with the help of God’s Spirit.

I wanted to say quiet place, but it’s where you have to fight adversary, trying to stop you from getting onto track.

Self-evaluation activates self-deliverance

After self-evaluation brings us in front of a decision: Whether to submit to God or an old lifestyle and habits.

What does submission to God means?

International Version says that if you in all your ways submit to God, he will make your paths straight. (Prov.3:6)Submission to God simply means to obey His words, to honor Him, to seek to recognize Him in all areas of your life.

Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.

Proverbs 3:6(NLT)

Measuring and grow your gratitude

As this might sound strange to you like it did to me, spiritual aspects like faith and gratitude can be measured; because we need to grow in it.

Measurement of faith

As there are levels of faith, there are also levels of gratitude.

Tips to evaluate and measure your gratitude

  • Check your spiritual values
  • Grateful people tend to be more humble and at peace.
  • Evaluate yourself regularly with a list of the things you are grateful for.
  • Monitor how you grow in gratitude as your lists get longer and as it spreads out to other areas but your own needs.
  • Tick of the new areas of gratitude that might appear on your list. Be mindful about how the Holy Spirit teaches.
  • Include gratitude during prayer ( Psalm100:4- Enter His gates with thanksgiving…).
  • Thanksgiving must come from our hearts ( psalm 100:4)
  • Regular and true repentance
  • Turn gratitude away from yourself and unto God – Him first.

To be honest, I’ve never before looked into the aspect of gratitude or gratefulness. I did include my appreciation to God in my prayers, but it was mostly words streaming from my lips. Gratitude must come from a pure heart. Our measure of gratitude grows along with the intensity of prayer. To be grateful also means to be joyful in all circumstances. Biblical gratitude takes us to a higher level of prayer and raises the quality of our prayer and spiritual life.

These are my experiences and I love writing about them, sharing my journey with others.

A prayer template: Praying on the full armor of God.


5 thoughts on “Evaluation of gratitude

  1. “I wanted to say quiet place, but it’s where you have to fight adversary, trying to stop you from getting onto track.” this is a very powerful and accurate statement. I can recall many times where I tried to get silent and bring myself back into Gods presence and get myself back on track. As you mentioned those were the very times I faced the most challenges. Oddly enough now that I look on it although I struggled in those times I God helped me to build character.

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