Kingdom assignments

The stages in a Prayer Journaling Season(1)

1. Orientation

My subtitle also could have been: The stages in a kingdom assignment. In my case, one of my kingdom assignments is Prayer Journaling. Each one of us has been born with a certain purpose for our lives and we discover and receive our real identity in Christ. Our godly identity is designed to assist and strengthen in performing our kingdom calling.

I discovered this idea while writing another blog post, New month…A new vibe and I immediately started to search the internet for more information. Without any success in finding what I was looking for, I trusted the Holy Spirit, my Helper, to guide me in writing about this topic.

Before moving on, I would like to clarify my journaling style as people journal for many reasons. Journaling is so diverse and can be done for identity, relaxation, healing, gratitude, as a hobby, or as a spiritual journey to strengthen and develops our prayer life and relationship with God. I see prayer journaling as a kingdom assignment, an altar, whereby I find instructions for other kingdom assignments in my family, my workplace, my community, and the body of Christ.

Journaling for identity and purpose


It was our last day of the school term. We were all called to assemble at the school hall and a man from the Department of health was addressing us about the sudden closure of the school due to the outbreak of the virus.

During these days of uncertainty I called out to God and He replied during my early morning sessions as I was making coffee.

I started to prayer journal because I was prompted by Holy Spirit to journal my spiritual walk with God. I am especially instructed to write about the process, the journey of someone doing it, how God uses it as a way to communicate with us, how He gives revelation and draws the person closer in relationship to Him. Above all these, I found that the greatest aim of the Holy Spirit is to teach us to pray after God’s heart.

Every person has a unique journaling style and preference and should not imitate others. Yes, we can gain ideas, skills, and inspiration from them and apply or adapt it to our style of journaling.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

During every prayer journal season( I’m busy with my third season) I experienced the love, joy, peace, especially His patience and faithfulness, His goodness, and how He gently corrects and warn me and making walking in self-control so much easier.

1.2. How prayer journaling seasons differ

People with a love for prayer journaling should not expect it to be the same when starting with a new journal. For me, it is a kingdom assignment, and therefore I am trying my best to be dedicated to the plans and purposes of God for my life and others I’m praying for, can be fulfilled.

Every journal we start is a season, an extension, or a follow-up.

Every prayer journaling season has its assignment, sub-tasks, direction, duration, and pace.

Our journaling style constantly evolves as we grow stronger in our prayer lives, in our relationship with God, and in the understanding of His promises.

Celebration a Kingdom Assignment

Prayer can bring and support us in different arenas by faith.

Prayer journaling prepares,strengthen and help to equip us when entering these arenas.

From my journal

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      1. Oh, we’re praying! We’re doing fine thank you. At least we experience some kind of peacefulness after all the drama earlier this year!


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