I’m pressing on …

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My prayer journal theme

I’ve been waiting for so long to write about this! When I started with prayer journaling, I did not have any idea of a theme or intention to attach a theme to it. I was already past my dedication and prayers for my loved ones.

Flower pots created from old magazines

I then started with a 3-day prayer journal fast, as I believe doing when attempting something new, when facing challenges or if led by Holy Spirit.

I thought then that it was a cute idea for my journal, but less did I realize the spiritual – and powerful impact it would have on my life and assignment. But before I go any further, let me explain what I mean by my prayer journal fasting routine.

My 3-day prayer journal fast

I have a very busy lifestyle and I always managed to fit in fasting even though I am at work. This can be extremely challenging because you become so occupied. So with journaling, I found a unique style of fasting where I can pace myself and keeps a record of my fast ( I am a visual learner)I also prefer to do my fast in the first 3 watches of the day.I divide my plan in sessions and try to make the best out of my morning sessions.

1.Day 1

Planning and praying for strategy

My activities on day 1

  • Put on the full armor of God and pray on it as put it on
  • Mapping out my fasting plan
  • Write a prayer of dedication

My activities on Day 2

  • Always armor up first
  • Call upon God’s name
  • Worship
  • Doodling
  • Writing decrees
  • Praying over it

Activities for day 3

  • Armor up!
  • Playing soft music and worship God
  • Repentance
  • Intersession
  • Bringing requests before Him
  • Scripture writing
  • Doodling👈

On the third day of fasting (5 am -3 pm), while I was writing out a verse in Philippians 3, certain words got my attention: I press on to make it my own. I started doodling around it and suddenly the word THEME popped into my mind!

Activation of the theme over my life, my areas, and prayer journal.

I concluded my 3 -day fast and prayer with thanksgiving and started to create a theme with Philippians 3:12,brought it before God in prayer and activated it.

The impact the theme had on my life and season

I could never imagine how this scriptural theme supported me on my journey. Whenever I felt a strong adversary, the Holy Spirit reminded me to press on…not to give up. I drew strength from leaning onto the power of God’s word. pressed on when facing difficult challenges.

  • It motivated me
  • Kept me from being limited
  • It made me courageous in prayer
  • It became a driving force
  • Kept me from quitting

Activating the promises of God

For those of us who believe, faith activates the promise and we experience the realm of confident rest!

Hebrew 4:3

By faith, putting our trust in God’s word, we can bring certain things( also scripture )and pray over them and thereby activating it.

There are enormous possibilities to explore with scripture and by applying it to our lives, it becomes activated. With journaling, you can have the main theme as well as monthly- or weekly themes. This can also be a great way for scripture memorization and direction.

We can do all things through Christ!

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