New month…new vibe!New season!

October you've arrived!
What is in your basket for me?
Let me have a peak!
Let`s start with my birthday
Yes, a treat for each day!


Possession of the gates

Stop imagining and wandering around: Zoom in and get hold of it! POSSESS IT!

Honey Drop…

A new month … A new season … a NEW GATE! I strongly believe and practice the celebration and possession of a new week or month. Yes every day, week, month, or year has a gate and it needs to be possessed; otherwise, we are giving away territory or leave the gate open to anyone.

Trade your problems with promises

Ideas to celebrate October Journaling

No spooky stuff here! So if you`re looking to begin your month with the doom and gloom of crazy demonic traditions and feasts,this is definitely not for you!

Change is on its way!

1. Clearing out stuff!Organise!

We all know that certain tasks are being linked to a new season for instance for eg. a gardener will certainly do some pruning, composting, weeding, etc to prepare the soil for new crops.

Declutter and evaluate

Self-evaluation is one of the activities to do at the beginning of a new season or phase in life or a specific area.

2.Choose a theme and design a unique template for October

THIS CAN BE SO MUCH FUN! The ideas could be endless, but I chose the bee theme. Why? While I sat down and started designing, something intruded and disturbed my attention. A BEE ON THE INSIDE OF MY WINDOW! My husband came to its rescue and said that it’s their season. And I immediately zoom in and locked on this target.

I announce my months with a special page like the one beneath, but I left some space to fill in what the Holy Spirit might reveal to me afterward.

Beneath is an example how I started my journal and I still include most of it today.Prayer journaling is not restricted,but we should be guided by God`s Spirit.

One of my most favorite entries is writing a dedication at the onset of my week or month. If you`re interested, you can read more about it here.

3. 5 minute Prayer labels

Take 5 minutes a day to take a prayer card, zoom in on your prayer radar and write the name of someone that comes to your mind on it, praying for that person as the Holy Spirits directs.

4.Write 10 declarations for October

Declare the word of God over your month!

Every month is worth celebrating, but it all depends on how we do it.Whoever possessed our gate will either let evil or good to enter our lives.

Life is also spiritual.


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