Wandering around in an old season ?

Did you know that our lives and the circumstances that we go through are attached to time? I guess we all do, but how mindful are we about it? The different seasons that we go through have a definite commencing date and an end but are divided into phases or stages.

The stages of prayer journaling

I finished my journaling season(2 January – 21 September 2021), but somehow I feel like I am stalling and still wandering around in it.

I’ve already started making a new journal from scratch( I love creating- It challenges me), but I cannot seem to put down the pen on paper! Each morning I got up the usual time, but I was drawn to the journal that I completed.

I still had some last things to do, but I knew the assignment was completed.

I kept engaging with the Holy Spirit, asking Him to explain, and last week I sat in the counsel of the Lord God as I got up to collect fresh manna.

While I was reading about a certain topic,I came across this blog ( enlivenpublishing) where the author spoke about soul ties and I found out what my problem was.I started taking notes and while doing it I already experience repentance and deliverance.

When reaching out to your new season something pulls you back…maybe a soul tie.

What do people experience when wandering around in an old season?

These are some of the experiences I had. Luckily for me, I had not been off track for long, because I kept asking God about my experience and for direction.But it was tough!

Our experiences can differ depending on the type of situation, our attitude, our strength in God, our willingness to cooperate with His Spirit guiding us, and how far we’ve been wondering and the duration.I pressed on and resisted this stalling force.

Resistance Training

  • Our hearts desire for the new season and might become depressed.
  • We continue with the old assignment ( activities), yet our heart is not in it anymore.
  • Agitation, frustration, despair( depending on the situation)
  • Insecure about what you’re busy with is still in God’s timing or valid.
  • It affects your prayer life.
  • It may affect your productivity
  • It may also affect strain in your relationships with other
  • Ideas and inspiration feels depleted

Biblical basis for soul ties

Soul ties refer to a spiritual connection between two people or your connection with a previous prophetic word, assignment, or seasonal ministry.

and they become one…” refers to a connection or bond between two entities.

The two will become one flesh.”

1 Corinthians 6:16, NIV
That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. 

Genesis 2:24

Reasons for stalling or wandering in an old season.

1.It became a soul tie

  • I forgot about soul ties in other areas such as prophetic words or godly assignments, a season in a specific ministry, etc.

Time is attached to a prophetic word or assignment.

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens...

Ecclesiastes 3:l
  • When experiencing stalling in my past journaling season, I engaged with the Holy Spirit(asking questions, seeking direction and new instructions), and He prompted me to cut soul ties with my past assignments and season.
  • Soul ties in a certain area cause people to wander around in circles and staying in it too long. It is only when we recognize the soul tie and with the instructions of God that we will be able to change direction and cut ties with it.

2.You focus could still be in the direction of your past experience

You have been wandering around in this hill country long enough; turn to the north.” 
(Deut 2:1-2, NLT)

A new direction means change and our old season might have became a comfort zone.

In conclusion

Through the tool of writing God used and still is, prayer journaling and blogging to equip me for my kingdom assignment and also to strengthen my prayer muscles.

What is in your possession?

Let it be your sacrifice.

Whatever the season that we’re in, it’s the production of resources could have stopped or it’s just time to move on. Naomi and Ruth were forced to leave their previous season, because of food scarcity, but God planned to change their direction.

Thank you for reading. I would like to hear about your experience on this topic.


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