Assistance is on the way!

A Bullet Journal Bible Study Series(2)


In Faith Series 4 I discussed the way nomadic shepherds survived in the mountains looking after the flock. They can’t survive without fire and wood to keep the fire burning.

Reading and studying the word of God is getting to know Him, building fellowship with Him, knowing His plans for my life, searching for guidance on how to deal with issues of life, how to pray for my loved ones as well as others, feeding our spirit and so much more.

The main reasons ought to be to know God, to worship, and to strengthen our relationship with Him and our fellow man.

My favorite way to study the Bible is through visual Bible studies. I recently came across a Bullet Journal Bible Study 1, which is compact and powerful.

If you’re interested in visual Bible studies, you can read more about them here:📥

The interaction of the Word of God through visual studies.

The Word of God is a Person who is alive and can communicate with us when interacting through reading or studying and that person is Jesus Christ.

Philippians 2 Bible study Frame

Grumbling dims your light!

My Rhema portion from Philippians 2

 I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon…

Philippians 2 :19

I heard and read about how scripture comes alive and eagerly pops up, just one word or sentence, and grab both eyes with insight and understanding. Since I’ve started with visual Bible studies, scripture doodling, and bullet Bible study in my prayer journal, I am frequently surprised by these moments. Of course, it can also happen when just sitting down, reading scripture.

But I think it is necessary to send back to you Epaphroditus, my brother, co-worker, and fellow soldier, who is also your messenger, whom you sent to take care of my needs.

Philippians 2:25

I first started by completing my bullet Bible study frame prayerfully during the 3rd day of my study calendar, jotting all the keynotes and main themes down.

The next day I lingered a little longer on Phillipians 2 and started to pray in tongues over the passage and the above two verses popped up! These moments can’t be described in words as I sat amazed at how God can speak to us. He used His Son, Jesus, to convey the grace message and He still speaks through Him, the Living Word, today!

The impact and meaning of this scripture in my life.

  • I needed help no one was able to provide.
  • It was a faith compelled situation.
  • I received divine assistance from God to complete the heavenly assignment He had given to me.
  • I needed clear instructions
  • I was in a very critical stage in my kingdom assignment.
  • God honored my requests and diligence.
  • It gave me hope!
  • It filled me with courage!

For about a year and 7 months, I and my loved ones had been praying and trusting God about something that seemed to be impossible, but we pressed on despite all the negative statements Satan bombarded us with.

We chose to believe God, ignore all lies, armored up daily, and sometimes we just took a daily stand and trusted God to work on our behalve.


The birth of a messiah was a long waiting journey for the people of God. Eventually, when His birth was announced by the angel to Mary, they still had to wait for the appointed time of Jesus’ kingdom assignment.

Fact is, God follows protocol and works in processes. Patience and diligence are key!

Breakthrough is on the way!


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