Mustard Seed Advice Series (4)

Management of the seed

Without seed, we may experience a lack of essential food sources. I attract the habit to collect seeds from the fruit and vegetables from our home and then I put them in a container with potting soil, cover it with plastic, and after a week or 2, my waiting was delighted with a few green sprouts.

Waiting and the germination process

I’ve never tried sprouting fruit seeds this way and I honestly didn’t expect it to grow! Yes, I repent! I just put it on a sunny spot on my porch and because I did not have much faith in it, I completely forgot about it.

After 3 weeks I was having tea on my porch and suddenly my eyes were attracted to little green leaves peeping from behind the plastic bag I’ve put onto the container. I found 3 beautiful, healthy lemon tree babies! I germinated my lemon trees this way and I’m now raising 3 lemon trees inside.

Now, as I’m writing this post I’m with you on this journey! Faith is locked in the seed that is placed inside of us. Anyway, the process is continual. It is a journey that the Holy Spirit takes us on to put our feet in the water. These words were a prompt during my early morning sessions while clothing myself with the full armor of God.

A day after that, I wrote a poem and these words popped up in that poetry! Soon after, I started with the faith series. This is one of the benefits of prayer journaling! God wants us to explore and come out on the waters because He is already there waiting to assist us. The Holy Spirit is eagerly waiting to show us the hidden things and for us to unlock these secrets.

We should be more curious about God and His ways!

In Mustard Seed Series 3 I got into reviving and securing faith. The word of God explains to us that faith is given unto us as small as a mustard seed and the size of it can move mountains! Amazing! Unbelievable? God is no man that He shall say something and not do it!

Faith does not ask for your title or position! It measures your size and you qualify!

Mustards Seed Instructions

Let’s get onto it and explore a few practical ways from a prayer journaling experience:

1 .Fill up your seed bag

A sower needs seed.

1.1 The sower whose bag is filled with seed

1️⃣ Start by bringing your seed bag in prayer to the Lord. Of course, this is an act of faith, as it may sound strange! Faith people are strange people!! Thank Him for the seed that He provides in different ways and that it’s being stored for use.

2️⃣ Repent for all the times you’ve disobeyed the word of God on how you should have to manage your seed. Remember, we are stewards of the things God entrusted us with! Repents for all the mismanagement and whatever the Holy Spirit reminds you of.

3️⃣. Do regular stock-taking! Yes, count your seed! Record your seed! Not for boasting or to keep book so others may see.No!Just to discipline yourself and to get you into the discipline of faithfulness. This habit will give us a clear reflection on our seed tracks.

4️⃣ Now, start declaring it! Breath God’s word over yourself and any situation. Wait patiently and with expectation. Wait for a breakthrough! God is sending the angel of breakthrough to bring your breakthrough or to lead you to it!

5️⃣ Finally, and most importantly: Step into the action. Pray recklessly and trust God. Sow your time, love, and kindness through deeds. Trust Him blindly! Close your eyes and depend on faith’s eyes!

Let Faith watch out for you!

2.The sower in lack

How is this possible when God placed a seed of faith inside of us? No works, lifeless faith! Gotta get up and start your work!Arise!

A call for action!

Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.

2 Corinthians 9:10

The insurance of the faithfull servant


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