A Bullet Journal Bible Study

My most favorite way to study the Bible is through visual studies. I came across another favorite method! I’ve always wanted to do some kind of bullet journaling to match my journaling style, but somehow I wasn’t drawn to it.

Although I love the bullet journal ideas all over Pinterest, I just could not get into it. But look what I’ve found!

Key features of a Bullet Journal Bible Study

  • Book/Chapter/Speaker/
  • Key People
  • Prayer points
  • A tracker
  • Main message
  • Setting and time
  • Keywords and questions
  • Memorize verses
  • Study notes
  • Scripture doodle
  • Lesson learned
  • Application(prayer)

Anyone can design a BUJO template for a Bible study as long as the key features are included.

I would highly recommend this type of Bible study to creativity seekers, young believers, and anyone who wants to grow in their spiritual walk with Christ.


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