Ideas for pocket journals

Starting a DIY prayer journaling can be fun and very easy to make, but once you get started you’ll soon realize you need more storage. It all depends on the style and the purpose of your journaling.

The organization of the prayer closet

How do we see prayer? Just an utterance of worship and scriptures unto God, an act of faith? There is nothing wrong with this view because everyone starts here.

I believe our view should be shifted from words to a room and eventually a corporate company of prayer. In any company, you have your own space, so private prayer and fellowship with God are crucial in building the company.

For this reason, I realized the need to create systems to record and track my prayers and also through prayer journaling.

When I started decluttering my journaling space, I thought about ideas to store resources that I decided to keep, so I designed a resource file for all my stickers, patterns, paper cuts , and other small items.

During my early journaling, I came across prayer pockets in one of my student’s journals during a junior prayer journal class. She wrote prayers for each one of her family members and put them in these mini envelopes.

Ever since I love to put private prayers in these envelopes because my students love to search for creative ideas through the journal sometimes.

1.Mini prayer pockets

Prayer is quite diverse and that is one of the reasons Jesus needed to teach the disciples about it. When other people sometimes ask for prayer or individuals I am drawn to pray for, I use these prayer pockets which I pinned at the back of an organization board to store them and to organize my prayers.

2.Early morning prayer pockets

Early morning prayers are essential because it contains strength and the outpouring of God’s grace for the tasks of the day. I call these prayer pockets essentials for my day.

3.Topic Pocket holder

This idea can be used to organize prayers, information, and other relevant information about a specific area. Recycling old books! I simply store it in my binder.No fuss!

4.Scripture pocket journal

This is one of my most favorite ones I used to collect scriptures as I go about my journey with God. This collection saves me a great deal of time and is ideal for journaling purposes and memorization of Scripture.

Folded pages of an old book
Finishing detail at the back of my pockets

One who would love to go into prayer journaling will be lured into creativity and crafts from time to time. You will start to explore and come to the dormant areas in your life and the inner man you never thought was there. I know for sure because this happens to me regularly. This is one of the reasons I love journaling: it’s full of surprises!


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