The Kingdom Calling

In the midst
Of true repentance
In my deepest pain, agony
The bareness of my spirit
Was broken, and streams
of living water,
Breakthrough and formed
The mountain of grace,
Ignited the passion
Of motherhood

How long I've been waiting,
Praying for you, my children!

Each morning
I arise at dawn,
To put you to my breast
To nurture you
And to bring you
Before Father.

I sat with you on my lap
And sometimes laughed
At your silly talks,
or rather sounds
I did not fully understand,
But they told me
Whether you're happy or grumpy,

Some nights
Sat at your bed
And watched how you breathed.

O, my children
I have been blessed with you!

It's been a year now
As I'm sitting, watching
Memories of the past,
And dedicate you again to
The One who gave you to me.

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