Reasons to wake up earlier

Prayer Journaling as a kickstart

Deal with the natural.

Address the unseen in faith.

From my journal

“I will go before you And make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze And cut the bars of iron.

Isaiah 45:2

Practiced what He preached, Jesus set an example to His followers and consistently got up early to pray.

A good offset into the day

Mornings are our gateway into our day and it is important to possess them in prayer. Decrees from the Word of God, aligning our minds, actions, schedules, and other areas of our lives, are a secure take-off into our day.

Why is it important to a light our day with Word declarations?

  • God honors His Word.
  • He acts when hearing His word
  • We shall decree a thing and it shall be established into us.
  • The word of God has the highest authority.
  • We set our trust in God.

Starting our mornings strong gives us a headstart and a firm advantage in our day. We greet the first rays of the sun as we pray to God and declare His word over our day.

2.A time to receive fresh manna

During our morning sessions with God, we find strength, daily spiritual provision, insight, and an outpouring of the portion of anointing for our kingdom assignment. Every morning a new measure of grace is available to us and awaits us to obtain it.

3.Better morning routine

With prayer journaling, I am now able to be constructively busy with different activities during my morning routine. As I start with my getting up routine, I carry on with warming up with a cup of coffee (water\herbal tea ) and diving into the action part of my morning routine.

Getting up earlier gives me enough time to practice my morning routine and grow into it.


At the end of the day, I want to hold on to a basket of the fruitfulness of the things I was able to achieve. Waking up early prepare us to be productive in our day because our energy level is set in our power morning sessions.

5.Increased mindfulness

We’re gaining an advantage over the buzz of the day ahead, setting our mind on what God’s Word says about our day, even jumping over obstructions that the enemy may want to blockade our way. Our communication does not stop at our morning fellowship but grows into the day right. The Holy Spirit speaks to us throughout our day and our power mornings make it possible to discern and be watchful.


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