Tips and ideas for Visual Bible Study

Strengthen our core muscles is one of the most important parts of any exercise routine. Most activities or even exercise depends on strong core muscles. The same principle applies to our ability to become stable and steadfast in the Word of God. To find ways to train and equip ourselves in the Word of God is our personal decision and dedication.

The word of God is like training our core muscles. Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work in harmony and ensures better balance and stability. This type of exercise helps the individual to gain a good posture and as a person grows older, has the strength and ability to walk upright.

How a visual bible study strengthen our spirit man

  • it enables us to see with more clarity
  • It enhances our understanding
  • It motivates us to stay in the Word of God for a longer period.
  • It tends to grab a person’s attention and pull you into the context.
  • It emphasizes the message of the passage through visuals.
  • It require more than one skill – bring your spritual skills in coordination.
  • It gives the Holy Spirit the chance to soften our hearts and wetten our spirit and soul.
  • It strengthens us to stand in the day of adversity

What is the purpose of doing a visual bible study

  • To study the Word of God in a more relaxed and creative way
  • To gain more insight through context and images
  • To reflect on self
  • To compare and mirror ourselves
  • To gain revelation
  • To spend time with God

Studying the Word of God requires us  :

  • To be a good discerner
  • To become a more inquisitive learner
  • to be aware of our personal learning style
  • To make inferences in context
  • To ask more questions and engage

Here are some ideas to get going on your visual bible study

For many young believers, the bible can be very abstract and doodling is a fun way to get through the bible. It’s no child’s play though as it involves quite a lot of thinking, making inferences, scrabbling, drawing, research and writing. The whole idea of this study method is to enjoy the word of God, to gain more insight, and to grow spiritually stronger.

  • Choose a verse or a passage from the Bible

It is amazing how one piece of scripture can multiply in the miraculous feeding of our spirit and soul.

  • Pray and ask Holy Spirit to reveal the hidden message

We can never do this without Him explaining to us the hidden meaning of scripture. After all, He is our helper, mentor and teacher and was send to us after the resurrection of Jesus Christ for this reason.This does not even have to be a formal prayer.When I do a doodle study I am at ease and communicate in a relaxed atmosphere with God.

  • The setting : Set the atmosphere

A visual study should be done in a calm and inviting atmoshere.Distractions should be avoided , but in the case of inevitable situations a sidenote can take up the flow again.You can put on some music, but I prefer not to as it distract my concentration and flow of ideas.It is only during the application stage that I would put on some music.

  • Grab your journal , bible and pen and get started.

1.Firstly , I read the passage or verses and meditate on it.As I read and meditate the Holy Spirit brings up certain images connected to the word in scripture.Then I start with simple drawings and add colors.

2.So I usually develop a main idea or title for my study followed by sub- headings.Sometimes I find the main idea in the middle of my study.

3.A visual bible study relies much on reading, because words are being converted to pictures and ideas.At some point during the process , you stop and engage into reading scripture again.

You can read more about How to do a visual bible study .

4.For me I found out, I structure the events chronologically with pictures and words.

5.Placing my study in chronological order , dividing it into 4 stages:

  • Introduction with scripture
  • Engaging and Research
  • Revelation
  • Application


One should always bear in mind that the no visual study will be alike, but the puzzles that link them together, stays the same.Every visual study had a certain mood that is created right from the start.I found that the impact of the study lies in the title and flows through at its highest point , the revelation.Sometimes the most valuable truths come out during stage 2 when the unpacking of events takes place.

The best way to experience this treasure is to try it yourself!Have fun!

How we start our mornings is critical, because we need strength to step into our kingdom purpose and assignment.There are certain issues hindering our warcry ,but also some that strengthens it.


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