The 4 stages of a visual bible study

Photo by Fallon Michael from Pexels

When one may have a look at a completed visual bible study, it may seem that there is no process and order involve.However, in what may sometimes seem as a mess in a visual study , there is definite order and structure involved.

I started doing visual bible study in the book of Ephesians, not knowing anything about it or that I’m even doing a visual study.The Holy Spirit made me aware of it when I started experimenting with scripture doodles.

Visual bible studies can begin with anylizing a single verse from the Bible, interpretation it through images, but when you sit down and seek revelation in the Word of God through visual studies, the Holy Spirit takes us from one level gradually to the hidden message in scripture.

Sometimes it takes time to gain understanding , therefore it helps to meditate on that particular scripture or story.

There are certain steps to follow when doing a visual study , but I realized there are also stages in doing it.

Stage 1: Introduction to scripture and theme

“Getting in touch…

You and the Word”

This is where I read scriptures,writing it down,meditate and start to link words with postures ,attitudes and images.It is also the stage that initiates creativity and the door of revelation.

I get to know the following:

  • bible characters
  • protagonist
  • antagonist
  • author
  • setting
  • time
  • conflict , etc.

The above information helps in formulating a main idea or theme which then lead to a title for your study.

Sometimes I initially start with a theme and this enables me to move into the next stage and into revelation faster.

Stage 2: Engagement and Research

At this stage I engage more with some research when I find certain words and I also start to dig into the background and  types of character mentioned in  the scripture.This is the most busy stage of all and more time is involved.This is also when we start to make use of inferencing to lead me into research .

It is also a stage to discern and listen to the Holy Spirit because is the time that He leads us into revelation.

Stage 3 : Revelation

The Holy Spirit chooses how to reveal hidden messages to us, but I usually find revelation as the plot unfolds in the case of a story , for example:

– When the women went to the grave of Jesus, very early in the morning, it was still dark which refers to  dawn (3am- 6am) untill the first morning watch ( 6am-9am).

They instead found an open grave with an angel inside.

  • This is a time that God strengthens His church , pour out His spirit and give fresh revelation.

During this stage the questions asked and inferences made in the previous stage seem to pop open and come alive and we receive meaningfull insight and revelation.

Stage 4 :Application

Lastly I wrap up a visual bible study with prayer whether it’s applicable to me , my family, community, the body of Christ , etc.Prayers can also be based upon provision, safety, breakthrough, marriage or any other area depending on the theme of the study.

I’ve realized that my prayer points in the application stage are mainly initiated and inspired by my study theme.

Visual bible studies are ideal for visual learners , children or young believers to learn about the Word of God.It is also an effective way to apply these truths to our lives when we have experienced it ourselves.


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