How to establish a prayer journal routine- Part 2

Dealing with the process

We are experiencing times that are more demanding than before and it calls for faith norms supporting our vision to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives. We are also motivated because our loved one’s lives, including our own and those around us, should be shaped by effective and specific prayer strategies.

I have found a lifelong tool to create effective and even creative prayer strategies for anything, through prayer journaling. Prayer journaling always starts with the basics; I call it extrinsic factors and eventually develops to intrinsic factors that deepen our faith walk.

Dealing with bad habits first

Breaking with bad habits was one of my first challenges when clearing out my prayer closet. When I mention bad habits I visualize dark smoke smothering our intentions, prayers, thoughts, and withholding us to see the wonderful plans of God for our lives.

In part one of establishing a prayer journal routine, I wrote about how you can clean out your prayer closet, simply referring to your prayer routine. I started screening my habits and how they influenced my relationship with God and also my mental health. Old or bad habits are set patterns formed over a certain period conforming us into a worldly mold and this makes it difficult for the children of God(John 1:12) to live a purposeful life.

What happens when seeking a new strategy?

When we begin with creating a new prayer strategy, we must be aware that we enter a process of compliance with the Holy Spirit and that we should pay close attention as we are led out of an old system of habits and reasoning. Prayer, patience, and faith become close partners helping us to break new ground and explore. This process needs a scribe to record all the necessary information! Exactly, and my scribe became JOURNALING! We have to ask the Holy Spirit to guide us through this process, to show us important information and even resources to build up a new prayer routine, because we cannot lean onto our understanding.

How to deal with the process


And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

John 14:13-14

Remember, we cannot lean on our understanding, so we need to ask the Holy Spirit for anything. I even ask Him for the cover of my prayer book. My very first doodle was a dandelion. I loved it! So I printed a variety of dandelions and put it together as a collage onto the cover of my book and covered it with adhesive plastic. When we ask God questions we engage with His Spirit, our Helper, and teacher.

Snippets from my prayer journal

Diy Prayer Journal Dividers


Prayer journaling was birthed through fasting into my life. I entered a group fasting with young disciples, assisting them in their faith walk. During this week of fasting, I set myself goals of which prayer journaling was a top priority.


The process is all about gaining prayer strength and strategy. Speaking from experience, once the excitement of ideas are streaming in, one can easily get distracted.


The first month is very crucial to evaluate and establish your prayer journal routine. It will include prayers, doodling, Bible studies, revelations, and fighting bad habits.


Do not give up! When our prayer life becomes stronger, every area of our live and outside factors should come into agreement.


Persuade someone to start journaling with you. I persuaded my daughter first, my 8 – year old son, and a few learners at school. This was a huge motivation for me, because of all the excitement when we share our experiences.


Dedicate a special space for writing your prayers and offering it unto God. This will be the place where God will be waiting for you every morning.


There are lots of information about prayer journaling but discern carefully whether it will suit your journaling style and purpose. Journaling is unique and can differ in so many ways.


When journaling is dedicated unto God, it becomes WAR in the hand of the Holy Spirit. Through the process of getting into the habit of journaling(praying), we start as trainees in the school of the Spirit and end up being prayer warriors! For me, the process of getting rid of old habits and establishing a new prayer routine was the most difficult. Change is inevitable, but when we can discern the seasons of God through change, journaling becomes a way to record special times and breakthroughs.

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