Dandelion Poetic Prayer

I've been robbed!
Yes! All along!
Right here!
In front of everyone!
In broad daylight!
In my heart was no plan
No action to revenge
No realization of this truth
I've forgotten...
My children! How could I...
How could I allow
the world to take you from me
And scatter you like dust
amongst the wicked?
How I long for your requests
Sounding in my ears
Early some mornings
When we rise to adore Father
In prayer and worship.
I am ashamed! 
I bow down to repent
My negligence...my failure,
As I search for my children,
The sons and daughters
Who became prodigal,
How I long to hear your voice
But Now...
I'm setting my eyes
On the far end of my horn
Raising my voice to call
As a mother calls her children...I remember,
Every name You've gathered,
And brought to my door.
And I invited them in.
I put up your posters
As I call out your names
In the early morning,
In the night watches,

I call out your names!
Resonating through heaven!

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