Preparing for Kingdom Calling

Prayer Journaling

Preparation is a daily routine for us and it is essential to save valuable time and to present yourself as competent. It all begins with commencing our day with our ideal morning routine and not just rushing into the day! Believe I reaped the fruits of those days!Owning our mornings is the first step into a power day.

Preparation can be long-term or short-term. It all depends on the type of project or assignment. When God speaks to us about preparation, we should issue the following questions in our curious corner :

  • Directions on how to prepare
  • What resources will be needed
  • Time frame
  • Should I work alone or in a team?

Just like students receive assignments to complete or employees are entrusted with projects, God also assigns projects or assignments to us,his disciples.

Earlier in my March prayer journey, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about preparing. I then created a scripture collage starting with a mnemonic of the word, Prepare. I was not very mindful about this, I must admit. It was until Beth(Lessons from a Lab) commented about it! The Scripture collage I created had many scriptures and keywords, but the mnemonic holds the core message on how to start the assignment.

A scripture collage method is about gathering applicable scripture, hearing God’s Word on the matter, and compiling a prayer strategy accordingly.

The assignments of biblical characters

Many Biblical characters whom God found capable, trusted, or highly favored. Biblical assignments are connected to the purpose of a person. Thus, it becomes evident through Scripture that God ordained people even before birth for specific assignments.

“Before I formed you in the belly I knew you; and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you, and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations.”

Jeremiah 1:5

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 2:10

The biggest heavenly assignment ever was established when Jesus had to go to Calvary, be crucified, and resurrected for all the nations on earth. Of course,I have to mention the role of various persons assisting Jesus in His assignment :

  • Mariah was visited by an angel and received instructions to accept the calling to give birth to Jesus.
  • John, the Baptist, prepared the way for the ministry of Jesus.

Earlier this year I was fascinated with a message I retrieved from a visual doodle study in Luke 24:1-2 and I titled it: Forerunners of the Kindom message.

“But very early on Sunday morning the women went to the tomb, taking the spices they had prepared. They found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. “

My prayer journaling journey started with the Horn of Hannah when I silently cried out to God about my purpose and my opposition and the journey of Esther. My Hannah experience was the ultimate force that drove me to my purpose. I stayed up late to study the intriguing story of Esther and I gained so much insight and discipline in preparing for your calling or assignments.

Jesus said, â€œDo not hold on to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’

John 20:17
The assignment was given to Mary at the empty tomb by Jesus.

I started acknowledging my kingdom assignment by:

  • Praying and asking God about it.
  • Asking for clear directions
  • Asking for divine resources and favor in 9pm-12 pm nightwatch
  • Accepting my daily sub-assignments
  • Recording it in my prayer journal
  • Restricting distractions that make it difficult to fulfill my assignment in prayer .
  • Asking God for the necessary resources

The moment we accept our kingdom purpose and assignment, heaven goes into action to assist us in our task.Each day is like an adventure !


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