Stewardship and the Attacks on our time

Previously I wrote about how we are accountable for how we spent our time. We cannot afford to waste precious time as it is an important aspect of God. A disciple of Christ should become synchronized and operating within heavens timeframes and divine schedules. Every week I present myself before the Lord and dedicate my week ( my time included) to Him so that His plans and purposes for my life can come in fulfillment.

Sometimes a working mom or individual can get quite caught up in the buzz of work, social life, and work. I especially asked God to help me to manage my time and activities throughout the day and to prompts me to act at His timing to pray.

During the early days of journaling and blogging, I started looking for ways to find time for the things I love and I found how I can multitask and manage through journaling.

Strategy! In difficult times or challenges, we need effective strategies to get things done, to bring victory and breakthrough!

Simply ask , listen , believe and wait.

Honor  God with your questions

It is a biblical discipline that Jesus taught the disciples and to teach the church of God to obey it. But then there are certain rules to obey first: Clean up in your heart and repent.

Some reasons why you do not receive

  • You could be asking according to your own selfish desires.
  • There is sin in your heart
  • Sin causes a seperation
  • Not living according to the Word
  • Refusing His call
  • Not paying attention to His words
  • Neglecting God’s councel (Prov.1)
Sometimes the answer can be just under our noses!

The one book containing truth and answers to every question.Not just the true nature of God but also Jesus’ self.The book that you cannot just open and start reading like any other book.

                 HEAVEN ON EARTH !

A super tip for busy moms or dads, bloggers, journal-and prayer lovers.

It all started when I realized that I had to give up something because my responsibilities and time at hand did not match at all! I had to choose and I thought about giving up blogging. I also kept in mind that it can be an evil scheme of Satan so I inquire about God’s counsel on this matter.

Founders…Improvisers…Create !

Prayer Journaling

I came across a post on Pinterest writing about how to get through a busy schedule by incorporating a power hour. She spoke about how to keep your home organized, but I instantly converted the aspect to my daily time struggle. I applied it to almost any area of my life, especially prayer journaling. It reminds me of the method teachers use in the classroom, chunking.

Definition. Learning by chunking is an active learning strategy characterized by chunking, which is defined as cognitive processing that recodes information into meaningful groups, called chunks, to increase learning efficiency or capacity.

The Power Hour Catch-up Strategy

In every area of our lives, there is a constant need to improve and complete. As mentioned I even apply this strategy at work tackling my administration and marking learners’ books. There is no problem too big, no challenge too hard for our God. Everything is possible with God!

Explore the Bible.

If you are a visual learner, these doodle scripture studies will be just the inspiration for you to explore the hidden things and truths in the Word of God.


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