Possession of the gates

An open gate is full access to anyone.

I see my month as a field of grace, borrowed to me by the Creator of all things. Every day is a gift for God’s plans and purposes to come into fulfilling in my life, therefore I should possess and take control of the gate of my month. God made us rulers and rulers take control and are responsible to take control of the gates.

Writing a monthly prayer can be challenging. What must I include? I am a structural writer and love to section off my prayers for me to ensure most areas are covered in prayer.

Enforcing your prayer

Writing randomly in my own words will just not turn my days into a winning race!

Outlining my prayer with the Word of God and declarations put apostolic and prophetic pressure on it and make it break through every barricade or wall that wants to stop my prayer. Further pressure is being put onto my prayer by praying on it in the spirit and flaming out every fleshly measure to make it acceptable to enter Heaven’s court. Praying in the spirit over my prayer aligns my prayer to the will of God.

God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

John 4:24

Scheduling your prayer

To write a prayer for the month it must be activated for each day over our lives. I found a wonderful strategy through a mentee who reap wonderfully from this. At the end of my prayer, I outlined the schedule or timeframe in which the words must be activated and ask God to release them during this time.

Things to keep in mind when writing a monthly prayer

Praise and Thanksgiving

Every new month is a new gate. Its portal and entrances are guarded. It’s all about dominion and taking possession. Sometimes it takes great strength and endurance to enter and take possession of spiritual things, but with discipline, mindfulness, and the Holy Ghost, it is possible. We have to do it ourselves! Jabez cried out to God himself, not his mother. God loves to honor us when we come personally and present our case to Him through worship first.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.

Psalm 100:4

Prayer journaling makes it flexible for us to worship God through a poem, scripture words or doodles.One can even blend it all together .


Starting a new month with repentance and forgiveness prepare us for entering a new month.Repentance , I found to be, a way of decluttering and cleaning up to make room for the new opportunities and revelations of the new month.

For many of us, repentance can also be a new beginning, starting fresh and doing and thinking differently than before. For many people, this part can also be a huge stumbling block or hindrance when pride or arrogance talks us out of forgiveness. It makes people think that they can just move along, serving God, as usual, ignoring the sound of repentance knocking at the door.

Alignment of personal schedule

Our live consist of schedules!Schedules at work and home! We even have schedules for personal activities and set reminders on them. Heaven is in possession of the divine timetable and set up for our new month.I shameful have to admit that I followed my own undisciplined prayer schedule without consulting God. Now I ask Him to reveal to me my prayer timetables and schedule.

Other prayer points to include

  • Honoring God at your workplace or when with other
  • Praying for you and your loved ones health
  • Pray against lack \ Provision
  • Favor
  • Pray for resources to assist you in your kingdom assignment or to fulfill God’s purpose in your life.


Put on your timeframe and ask God to honor you by releasing this prayer each day onto you and your loved ones.

Now, do not forget to check in every week(you set a day to do maintenance) to pray on this prayer, thanking God for how He works on your behalf.

Of course, you can add any other relevant area of your life to this prayer. It does take time to write to make sure all possible areas are included and covered!

Lastly, set up a guard at your new month’s door!Ask God for to send an angel to guard this door.

How do you start your month?

Who is guarding your door?


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