How your learning style can influence your relationship with God

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

A study – and fellowship method for a visual learner

How was I created? Uniquely, woven together in my mother’s womb!

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Psalm 138:13

Created to be a part of God’s diverse and massive kingdom, to serve and to be with Him. We are not duplicated and mixed-up, but created with a strong sense of purpose. A purposeful life is what so many are looking for, yet some think purpose is found outside of God. To serve God is the very beginning of our purpose!

How do I fellowship with God? I think the Holy Spirit, sometimes, got bored with my way of fellowship. The Holy Spirit just loves uniqueness and creativity! Sometimes I am a bit amazed at how thriving my daughter’s relationship with Him is and when we’re having weekly journaling catchup I picked up some interesting pointers :

  • Honestly
  • Trust
  • Curiosity
  • Originality
  • Keeping it simple
  • Obedience!
  • Recording Holy Spirit’s prompts
  • Value His insets

We all have our own learning style and it even impacts our fellowship with the Lord.By the way, my daughter is an auditory learner.

The characteristics of a visual learner

  • Rely mostly on visual images to gain insight and understanding
  • A visual learner likes to read about topics and create images, charts, pictures, and graphics with this information.
  • We love making lists!
  • A visual learner loves to find his or her way through topics and create sections under sub-headings. It’s all about finding direction.
  • Prefers drawing, doodling, word pictures, using paint, or other methods of coloring
  • Visual learners love to create and invent new ideas
  • Pictures can talk to us! Visual learners can find a whole lot of valuable information from a single picture!
  • When working on a topic or new idea, they first grab a pen and paper to download all images onto paper, and then the inferencing and sorting of information starts.

Tips for visual learners to optimize their fellowship with God

1.Try out a visual bible study

If this is new to you it’s best to start with doodling words from scripture, specifically words that strike you in a verse. Later on, you can continue with a line of scripture and eventually a whole passage. When it comes to doodling through a passage, you will experience that some research is needed to understand the context more.

2.Try out a topical word study

I started topical studies when the Holy Spirit dropped some words into my spirit. I took advantage of a topical study for the first time really when I was urged to prepare.

3.How journaling can ignite your prayer altar

Visually oriented believers ought to be drawn automatically to journaling, I was! With journaling, there are unlimited activities to explore in the Word of God!

4.Create colorful, interesting an meaningful dividers and headings

5.Doodle through the Bible

6 .Choose a Theme

Cook up a breakthrough with journaling!


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