Junior Journal Class

Give as it was given unto me. A good measure…

God is a giver and expects us to follow His example. Giving comes from His heart and character as the first and master Giver. With journaling, God took my world of things, prayer, and even my lifestyle and rearrange it to match His perfect will and purpose for my life. One of the reasons He committed my heart to prayer journaling was to align me with my kingdom assignment.

For some time now, I have been preparing to start with journaling classes, and eventually, it was realized. I decided to kick off with a group of ten students and they chose a party theme. With all their enthusiasm I allowed them to come up with a theme and to do the. decorations.

Just a few more tips :

  • Be ready, set, and organized. As learners step into class their enthusiasm is exuberant, I experienced. They are expectant.
  • Let them start with an icebreaker for example songs, games, doodling; but do not waste time here. Let it be short exercises to keep them in suspense.
  • Prepare tables with prompts and other journaling resources. Journaling takes time, so they must not be distracted.
  • Set the atmosphere. Play some music.
  • Give them a warm-up activity in their class journals.e
  • I mention this last, but it should happen at the beginning of class. Set the journal class rules.

The selection of candidates I chose

  • Two academically bright students
  • 2 students who experienced recent trauma
  • A few creative ones
  • A student with a low self-esteem
  • Two students who are struggling academically
  • An introvert

Why I decided to select certain candidates

I see struggling learners every day and realized that time inside an academic environment is not enough. I decided to do some case studies:

  • The impact and results of journaling on introverts
  • How journaling can be used as a tool for counseling /intervention
  • How journaling can help a struggling student
  • How journaling can be use to inspire the gifted child.
  • Introducing a new hobby!

Now it’s up to God to finish what He started in me…what He started at school. Planning and preparing for a new project is essential and takes time, but when it eventually kicks off there is so much excitement.

Are you serving God with your gifts and talents?

The kingdom of heaven needs strategists, creative planners, craftsmen, managers, and workers to come forward..to accept the upward call! I did.


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