A Visual Bible Study

Doodling Through the book of Nehemiah

One evening after praying together as a family during the second-night watch, I started to read aloud the story of Nehemiah while the other was listening. We became intrigued by his humility and how he served as a humble cupbearer. My 9-year-old son found it funny that Nehemiah’s job was just to serve the king’s drinks. However, it was quite an important and dangerous job, as he had to taste the king’s wine first to make sure it’s not poisoned. Not to mention, to be in the service of the king, no matter how ordinary the job might seem.I decided to explore the book of Nehemiah through doodle bible studies.

Visual Bible studies are one of my favorite methods, if not the most favorable one, to study the Bible as I am a visual learner.

The power in meditating on God’s word

I got stuck in chapter one and meditated on it for a whole week. Chapter one consists of 11 verses that outline the background, crisis, and how Nehemiah reacted to the news. Finally, during the weekend I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal the hidden message in this Scripture and found it at the end of the passage:

I was cupbearer to the king.

The characteristics of a cupbearer for God

  • A cupbearer of God must be humble and faithful, even in the smallest tasks.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

Colossians 3:23
  • Compassion and empathy

When Nehemiah heard about the state of Jerusalem he went into mourning. This was no religious act…it was sincere feelings and love for God’s people.

When I heard these things, I sat down and wept.For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven. 

Nehemiah 1:4
  • Pray without ceasing

Nehemiah trusted God and consulted Him even before answering the king and before undertaking the mission.

  • Visionary

A visionary can foresee what is needed to be done and has the vision to see the task through like Nehemiah did when the opposition tried to distract them from building the walls. He knew that for rebuilding the walls he needed resources and people in favor of the plans and clearly stated it to God in prayer.

  • Submissive

Nehemiah understood and valued authority, therefore he first consulted the highest power in prayer, the God of Heaven before he reached out to man.

  • A position of trust

But the job of a cupbearer was far from ordinary. The cupbearer was well trusted by the king. A royal cupbearer was not just a personal servant but also a trusted confidant and advisor of the king. A cupbearer for God is exposed to table talk – secrets, and mysteries of the kingdom. This is also a position of divine favor.


A cupbearer for the most high God prepares themselves for difficult work because it won’t be easy. Distractions will try to infiltrate to slow down your kingdom assignment, but He who enables us for the job also provides the outcome.

There is no winning without warfare; there is no opportunity without opposition; there is no victory without vigilance. For when ever the people of God say, ‘Let us arise and build,’ Satan says, ‘Let me arise and oppose.’

God is calling and preparing his children to be cupbearers of His plans, grace, mercy, love and favor to build up His kingdom on earth and to uplift the body of Christ.

Did you ever try a scripture doodle study?

Blessed journaling.


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