April Prayer Journaling Review

A month of trust and following

Every month contains diverse experiences and I feel how the Holy Ghost leads me deeper, encouraging me to seek after God’s heart. During the start of the April experience, I decided to follow the 40 days trial of the last few days of Jesus with His disciples before He returned to the Father in Heaven.

This journal entry made me quite aware of the importance of the final preparation of the disciples for their kingdom assignment.

Writing a commitment

On the second day, the Holy Spirit prompted me to write a commitment. In this commitment, I ask God

– to use my time and days to teach me through prayer, fasting and Bible study.

– to give me clear instructions

– for divine visitations

– guidance of the Holy Spirit

During the second week, I was prompted again by the Holy Spirit to write a dedication in which I submit myself again and ask God to use my time but schedule it according to heaven’s timetables. I also thanked Him for letting me hear His daily assignments.

After this, I experienced a time I did not understand and I kept asking the Lord what was happening. I heard voices telling me to quit, but I pressed on towards the goal. During this time I was instructed by the Holy Ghost to relocate my place of prayer journaling, so I moved to my bedroom during the day and spent my morning sessions in the living room.

My 2021 Journal Theme

At the beginning of this year, I discovered my journal theme during a prayer and fasting strategy. I designed it, presented it to God, and activated it through prayer. During this time, I experienced the power force in this piece of scripture taken from Philippians 3:12.

When I forced my way through the distractions the enemy threw at me, I simply held up my shield of faith and declared that these weapons are ineffective and that they are carnal. I came against it with mighty weapons to tear down strongholds!

The power in midnight prayer

Have you ever looked closely into the story of how God lead the Israelites out of Egypt after He called and assigned Moses?

At midnight the Lordstruck down all the firstborn in Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh…

Exodus 12:9

It was about midnight that the Israelites were released by the Pharoah and God lead them out of Egypt.

During the night Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said…(Exodus12:31)

I experienced how God was leading me out of an Egypt I was stuck in for years….and it all happened around this prayer watch (12midnight -3am)

What happened after my midnight experience?

After that night my prayer life totally changed as I started to pray in the hours of prayer. That week the Holy Spirit encouraged me to pray through all the 8 prayer watches and I, by the grace of God, achieved it. There was one watch (3 am-6 am)that I asked the Lord to help me with and He woke me up on a Saturday a 3 am.


I did not understand my season at first and I kept engaging with the Holy Spirit about it and one morning after praying through the watches, I received revelation. Everything opened up and I could see a clear picture. God can lead us out of all or any spiritual Egypt in our lives, but we have to trust, follow and pay close attention.

I hope this inset of my April experience is a blessing to you!


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