Dandelion Poetic Prayer

“Let the journey be your destination”

But a journey has a destination…
sometimes I feel like
I want to stay awake…
or camp out where I have experienced the splendour of His presence and love
But I unwillingly …fortunately have to keep on moving ..pacing through the narrow ways sometimes rocky paths…
But then I know…
My shoes!
I can do all things
Even on rocky ground
I am carried by angels!

I feel like it most of the time…its not easy to move away …to move on…but there are other destinations awaiting.

They are eagerly waiting
For the preserved appointments
To be keep
Their eyes are on the highway
Listening for the sound of your feet
Excited to meet you
And treat you…preparing a table
With all their generosity

Note from ChallEngEr

My daughter received the first line that she got from the Holy Spirit and text it to my .I started to answer her , without any intention to write a poem,and my answer turned into a prophetic utterance.I felt the words streaming from my spirit.

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