The importance of the Armor of God

I cannot engage in prayer journaling, warfare, doodle scripture studies, or begin my day without clothing myself with the armor of God. It’s crucial for the believer and church! Earlier during my spiritual walk, I started to make it a habit, not quite understanding the impact of Ephesians 6 and what Apostle Paul is trying to tell us here. I remember how much interested I became in the different parts of the armor, so I bought some books to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Why do we have to cloth ourselves.

Apostle Paul made it very clear that the believer in Christ must be cloth like a soldier and that we are in constant warfare.A spiritual battle is happening in the spiritual realms and we are being resisted by unseen forces.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Ephesians 6

In the above scripture the ranks of our enemy’s operations are being mentioned as :

  • Rulers
  • Authorities
  • Powers
  • Spiritual forces

Activating the armor

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions…”

I’ve overlooked this verse in the armor of God and found out over time that this is what put the armor together and to action…Prayer!I remember how I previously just put on the armor and went straight into battle. Ever since I realized that I should spend some time praying on each piece of the armor as I put it on, I’ve had interesting experiences. Praying in tongues is the secret agent of activation and plays a deal-breaking role in clothing ourselves with God’s armor. This is what makes us strong prayer warriors and makes our prayers transcend heavenly realms.

I never pray, engage in prayer journaling, or do Bible study without putting on the armor of God first.

A powerful encounter clothing myself with the armor of God

The very first encounter that made me realize that something extraordinary is happening when praying in tongues as I clothed myself, was when I had a sudden urge to go inside my room and pray. It was in the third watch of the day while I was busy with some chores at home. I obeyed and started by putting on the armor and afterward praying in tongues on each part. When I got to the helmet of salvation my hands and attention were drawn to my eyes and I started praying on it.

I experienced a strange sensation in my spirit and not realizing my assignment I went straight back to my chores at home. Then, immediately after, I had the urge to go to our church garden and after pondering on it I took some plants out of my garden and set off…thinking that I’m just carrying on with my project of the church’s garden. On my arrival, while putting down what I brought with me, my eyes were drawn to some sticks laying at the front gate. I asked God to confirm my suspicions by giving me another sign and kept on working.

Suddenly I found another sign with some wooden sticks just across from the other one and I immediately knew that God activated my spiritual eyes while putting on the armor and praying in tongues! It was God’s way of informing us that our congregation was under satanic attacks.


I have so many experiences to tell about the essence of the armor of God, but let’s leave that for another time. Fact is, the armor of God is what makes us stand firm during prayer and it is what helps me to receive revelations during journaling and bible study.


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