Preparing my first prayer journal class

I feel like I have to admit: Prayer became my new hobby! Before journaling, I felt obligated and I struggled to find my prayer rhythm. I remember how I prayed to God to allow me to find time for my hobbies as it reduces my stress levels and helps me to relax. The more I prayed it, the more I engaged in journaling! I did not realize that it became my main hobby!

What is a prayer journal class?

I’ve been asked by my learners and prompted by the Holy Spirit to channel the stream of my journaling to others. So, a journal class is all about teaching others to engage with God through prayer journaling. You pray, get lost in creativity, advise, doodle scripture, read the Bible and search for scripture. There are unlimited possibilities in prayer journaling!

Things to keep in mind when preparing for journal class

  • Lots of stationaries and other resources
  • Set some rules.
  • Set goals and outcomes for your classes
  • Emphasize morals during classes
  • Let learners bring bibles along
  • Provide writing frames to insecure learners.
  • If some children struggle with writing, let them doodle and write scripture from their bibles.
  • Everyone is unique. Do not compare. Encourage and praise every attempt.
  • Depending on their age groups, prayer can be in the form of pictures and words or one or two sentences. Stronger and more creative learners can write longer paragraphs and independently.
  • Maybe students can be divided into groups depending on their journal preferences.
  • Doodling classes can be on separate days because it needs insight although it is great fun.
  • Exhibit motivational and creative works of learners.
  • Play background music while you move between students to engage with them about their ideas or insecurities.
  • Provide journal prompts
  • Get together in groups and discuss journal prompt responses. Get to know each child better.
  • Let students learn and be inspired by one another.
  • Ask the advice of the Holy Spirit for your classes. Pray!

The list can be endless as you just start to get things going.

The importance of a prayer journal class

The language teacher and parents will be so grateful to you, as you do them a huge favor enhancing literacy skills. Poor literacy skills are one of the main problems that cause learners to drop out of school or poor academic performance. In journal class learners get to be taught different skills such as reading, writing, social, interpersonal, creative thinking, and writing, core values, and positive self-esteem. It also provides an effective platform to evaluate their thought, actions, and how to handle conflict situations.

As a teacher myself, I am especially drawn to children who struggle to express themselves, those with low self-esteem, but also to creative students. I usually use lastly mentioned as tutors. Through prayer journal classes students gain more than just literacy and enjoyment! They get to know God on a platform created by the Holy Spirit and are being shaped into their purpose.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Through prayer journaling, we can teach them to make their request known to God and not to be anxious about anything. What a wonderful way for their faith to grow!


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