Countdown to Ascension Day

Prayer Journal Watch


Something is definitely happening, right in the heart of my prayer journal! I’m still being navigated by the Holy Spirit to keep on preparing .

Why do we have to prepare?

Most people embrace their new day with a cup of coffee, final preparations before they leave for work, journaling, reading, praying, listening to worship. Whatever we do, there will always be planning and preparation involved.

  • We plan to present ourselves better
  • To be confident and to make an impact
  • To be prepared makes our hours and days fruitful
  • We never know when an emergency can arise.
  • To be one step ahead
  • We also prepare to be successful in the tasks we are responsible for.

When God asks us to prepare, there is certainly an opportunity, attack, or unforeseen situation ahead.

Does God reveal His plans to his servants ?

Certainly! He did to Mary, Joseph, Esther, Abraham, and Sarah, prophets, and many in the Bible. And He will to us if we are in a trusted and secure relationship with Him.

The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

Genesis 12:1

We also know that when God put an important assignment on someone, the enemy wants to abort it, just like he did with Mary when she was expecting the baby, Jesus.

God told Abraham that he should leave his country for a foreign destination and that he shall make him a great and blessed nation …and that’s it. Abraham had to live out this map of prophecy for his life and his descendants.

Turning my prayer journal into a watch

After the Easter weekend, I and a prayer partner had a prayer meeting early in the morning during the first-morning watch. (6 am – 6pam)We just felt the urge to get going and Holy Spirit challenged us to a 40-day countdown to Ascension day.

It was during these 40 days that Jesus continued teaching the disciples, giving them their kingdom assignments. I can imagine the urgency and importance of this timeframe as Jesus knew it very well, but the disciples did not realize it! Prepping!

“Our kingdom assignments being communicated to us.”

From my journal

When I sat down and started working on my new month page I prayed and asked God for His will and guidance. I then saw a picture in my mind and it took me two days to understand the image of the Holy Spirit, to interpret it into a drawing. Then I received my word for the month: FOLLOW. After this, I started on my Prayer and dedication for the Month in which I asked God for my daily and monthly assignments.

My countdown activities:Week 1

  • First day: waiting for at the tomb, to hear from God. (Prayer at first watch of the day)
  • Second day: Writing my commitment. I also received guidance from the Holy Ghost to finish off my journaling and Bible reading with prayer flashcards.
  • On the third day: Praying and intercession with my husband (6 am)
  • Fourth day: Prayer at first with. I woke up at around 5 with a warning dream about the aborting of spiritual assignments. A counter-petition against the plan of the enemy.
  • Fifth day: Night of prayer and intercession.

I am excited and treat my 40-day journey as a special time with the Lord. I still have a long way to go, therefore I have to get up each morning to prepare.

“What seems like a dead-end, turns out to be a new adventure!”

From my journal

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